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song title:
composer words & music John D. Loudermilk unless otherwise specified
blue=got the vinyl or mp3,
black=ain't got the music
(The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)

Kike Elomaa

Would you believe it, European Champion body building 1982. Ritva 'Kike' Elomaa, even recorded the song...!
Original version written by Loudermilk in 1959 and recorded by (Cherokee Indian) Marvin Rainwater, entitled "Pale Faced Indian". It was released as the B-side of his "Wayward Angel", and Billboard magazine did not think much of it ("the chanter tells of the sufferings of the Cherokees after they were forced onto the reservation; flip appears stronger"). Loudermilk later reshuffled some lyrics and released it in the mid 1960s as "The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian", which was shortened later to "Indian Reservation" by Don Fardon scoring a worldwide hit. The Raiders (vocal Mark Lindsay) copied it for the US market

Original lyrics of Pale Faced Indian

A well-known story is that when Loudermilk was asked by American Top 40 radio show about the story behind the Raider's hit Indian Reservation, he concocted a tale that he wrote the song after crashing his car in a blizzard and being kidnapped by Cherokee Indians. He claimed that they tortured him for days and only let him go after he promised to write a song about their plight. DJ Casey Kasem ran the story about four times and called it the "one of the most incredible stories we've ever told on AT40"

The song has not only been used by American and Canadian Indians as a protest song. In 1972 a Jamaican black reggae version was recorded (new lyrics and re-titled "African Blood") and in 1994 Slovenian fascisto-rock band Laibach made a powerful cover. In their "National Reservation" they comment on how Eastern European Balkans nations are being Americanised and Japanised.

Japanese 45
← picture sleeve of the early Japanese 45rpm Hickory release of the Roy Acuff Jr. version

← Kiowarini (ps. for Francois Vincent de Betsiamites), a 'French-Canadian indian', recorded it in French: Le Cri de la Nation (not on the depicted LP)

→ Sleeve of a 1977 French single release; a disco beat version arranged by Ray Knehnetsky, a US musician moved to Paris


← An Italian translation Fra le lacrime e la terra (1971) by Daniel, who is better known as French born actor/ singer Daniel Beretta

Per Carsten

→Danish version by Per Carsten, 1971, as Den lille kommunes klagesang (=Little Community's Lament).
Carsten was an actor, jazz flautist, writer of film scores.


←German release by ORS (Orlando Riva Sound), 1980 disco

Raiders Raiders

Norwegian and French release of Raiders' version


Swedish version by Bjørn Skifs

George Hamilton V performing the song in a 2013 Viva NashVegas radioshow:

  • Marvin Rainwater (Jan. 1960, MGM 12865 as "Pale Faced Indian")
  • John D. Loudermilk (1966, LP Sings a Bizarre Collection)
  • Roy Acuff Jr (Apr. 1967, Hickory 1456)
  • Lewis & Clarke Expedition (1967, LP Earth, Wind, Fire & Water, group with young Michael Murphey)
  • Don Fardon (1967, Pye 25437; 1971 reissued on Youngblood)
  • Santo & Johnny (1968, LP On The Road Again, instrumental version)
  • Living Brass (1969, LP The Horse/ Grazing in the Grass And Other Hits, instrumental)
  • The Nashville Teens (1969, Major Minor 599)
  • Ray Phillips/ The Nashville Teens (1970, Qualiton/Pepita 732, Hungarian release as "Cherokee Indian", composer spelled Loudamilk)
  • The Hotvill's (1969, LP Slow and Soul Beat Party, French budget dance covers LP)
  • Nokie Edwards (1970, LP Nokie!, instrumental by ex-Ventures guitarist)
  • Paul Revere & the Raiders (1971, Columbia 45332 US #1 hit)
  • John D. Loudermilk (1971, LP Elloree, weird WB-version)
  • Marco Polo (1971, Vogue DV11157, Weiße Man hat uns belogen, German lyrics)
  • Björn Skifs (1971, Columbia 34587, Sweden)
  • Sten Nilsson (1971, LP Nu, "Vi Måste Vakna", lyrics by Hawkey Franzén in Swedish)
  • Per Carsten (1971, Triola TD 515, "Den lille kommunes klagesang", version in Danish)
  • Piloto (1971, 45 rpm EMI, Spanish version "Reserva India")
  • The Riders (1971, Odeon 8671, another "Reserva India", from Argentina)
  • Daniel (1971, Fonit SPF-31289, "Fra le lacrime e la terra", Italian cover)
  • Jarkko (Antikainen) Ja Laura (Ruotsalosta) (1971, Decca 5761 as "Cherokee Heimo", Finnish version)
  • Kyohei Tsytsumi Silver Strings (1971, EP QS4-Channel Hit Deluxe, Japan, various artists budget EP)
  • Robert Last & seinem Orchester (1971, LP Happy Dancing 4)
  • Frank Valdor (2LP Dynamic Man, German instrumental orchestral party music)
  • Hugo Strasser (1971±, LP Yesterday (Vom Twist zum Beat), a popular Bavarian dancehall band)
  • Frederik (Ilkka Sysimetsä) (1972, LP Tulin Näin Ja Voitin, another Finnish "Cherokee Heimo")
  • Jackie Rowland (1972, Sioux 015, an instrumental reggae version)
  • Funky Brown (1972, Sioux 018, another reggae version, now titled "African People")
  • The Jay Boys (1972, HarryJ 6644, "African People" in a Harry J mix)
  • The Indians (1972, LP Indian Reservation, an Irish showband)
  • Teruhiko Saigo & Milva (1972, LP Teruhiko Saigo Recital Special Big Guest Milva, Japanese/ Italian combination)
  • Kiowarini (1973, "Le Cri de la Nation", cover by a 'French-Canadian Indian')
  • The Idols (LP Sou 'dosa tin agapi mou - Oles oi epityhie, Greek group, sung in English)
  • Liz Howard (Stardust 301, a Cherokee-blooded lady recorded in Nashville but released on a Scottish label)
  • Martin Circus (1975, LP No.1 Hits USA, French lyrics "L'amie des esprits")
  • Jan Rohde & Grabbarna (1975, LP Jan Rohde & Grabbarna, Scandinavian rocker)
  • Rohdes Rockers (1976, Brylcreme Show, live version by Jan Rohde's band)
  • Billy Thunderkloud & the Chieftones (1976, Polydor 14321, as "Indian Nation", Canadian Indian band)
  • Mike Theodore Orchestra (1977, LP Cosmic Wind, disco version)
  • Cherokee People (1977, CBS 5976, France, disco version)
  • Jake Verden (1978, LP Doin' What I Like Doin', UK)
  • Orlando Riva Sound (1980, Salsoul 333, top 10 hit Germany)
  • Empire (1980, LP Jokamiehen Listahitit 3, Finnish "Cherokee Heimo")
  • Buddy Red Bow (1980, First American FA-117)
  • 999 (1981, Albion 1023, UK punk)
  • Sand Creek (1983, Carrère 8306, as "Indian Reservation 84", France)
  • Ill Repute (1984, LP What Happens Next, as "Cherokee Nation", punk version)
  • Turkey Bones & Wild Dogs (1985, as "Cherokee Nation", mini-LP No Way Before The Weekend, Scottish fuzzy guitar punk)
  • Bad Sign (1986, LP Sleep Walk, Finland)
  • Psychic Interface (1986, 12-inch ZYX 5435, as "Tribal Stomp", a disco version, Germany)
  • Pure Mania (1991, cd A dance with a stranger, Swedish punk rock)
  • Long Tall Texans (1991, cd Singing To The Moon)
  • DeeMona (1990, Pearl 19906, an Austian disco 45)
  • Radiacs (1991, LP Going Strong, UK psychobilly)
  • Ed Kuepper (1991, cd Honey Steel's Gold, Australian ex-Saints punker)
  • Muldoon Brothers (1992, cd Back o' the Barn, Irish)
  • Tim McGraw (1994, as part of his hit "Indian Outlaw")
  • Laibach (1994, cd Nato, lyrics adapted "National Reservation")
  • Kike Elomaa (1995, cd Kike Elomaa, Finnish version "Lapin Noita")
  • Masi Luomi (1995, cd Haitari Soi Louisianasta Läyliäisiin, another Finnish "Lapin Noita")
  • Tony Ronald (1996, cd Síntesis Vol.2, a poor cover)
  • Wild Ones (1996, cd Wild Ones Album, Japan 1970s group)
  • Don Fardon (1997, now doing a 'dance mix' of his hit, cd The Next Chapter: All The Hits And More)
  • Mark Lindsay (1999, cd Legends Live)
  • Mark Barfoot (cd Moved By The Spirits, Indian native flute instrumental)
  • Madlib ft. Jay Boys (2002, cd Blunted in the Bomb Shelter, new mix of the old "African People" reggae version)
  • Barbara Clear (2004, cd Live in der Olympiahalle München)
  • Fang & the Gang (2005, cd Fang Reveres the Raiders)
  • Desjarlais (2005, cd Two By Two, trio from Calgary, Canada)
  • The Sounds (2007, cd Ta Gie-Giedakia No 2, as "Poios Einai Autos Pou Agapas" in Greek)
  • Blackhawk Walters (2008, cd Cowboys and Indians, this Indian was a successful professional kick boxer)
  • Pat Fritz (2009, cd Bluer Than Blue, deep dark version with a long poem in German preceding the song)
  • E. Frank Murphy (2009, cd Lone Wolf 3)
  • My Generation (2009, cd In Rock)
  • Michael Searching Bear (2009, cd Ceremony)
  • Tony Evans (2009, cd The Many Sides of Tony Evans)
  • Ralf Willing and his Multisound Orchestra (2013, cd Pop Hits on Trumpet Vol. 1)
  • Dreamers Project (2013, cd Love Me Wild)
  • The Paul Midas Show (LP Held Over, US, no clue about date of release, could well be a 2015 album)
  • Redsun ft. Kathy Sledge (2017, cd At The Pow Wow)
  • John McFree (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
  • Treponem Pal (2017, cd Rockers' Vibes, France)
  • Roland Van Campenhout (2019, cd Somewhere In The Mountains, Belgium, blues veteran)
Don't Turn On The Light
Loudermilk / Bob Forshee
Margie Bowes
Margie Bowes, a North Carolina country singer, was married to Doyle Wilburn of the Wilburn Brothers. Sang at the Opry in 1959 and 1963. Voted #2 in Billboard's C&W Jockeys Poll Most Promising Female Artist in 1958 and 1959 (after June Webb) , 1960 (after Jan Howard) and 1961 (after Loretta Lynn)
In 2004, Margie had a foot amputated. Her foot was seriously injured in a vehicle accident in 1995, and required numerous surgeries prior to the amputation.
Her 1960 Loudermilk song, a good, up-tempo hillbilly ballad, was one of John D.'s first songs in the long list of recordings for Acuff-Rose and Hickory records in Nashville.
  • Margie Bowes (Sep. 1960, Hickory 1124)
  • June Pasher (1962, LP Your Cheating Heart, Canada)
Falling Again
A good up-tempo song!
  • Porter Wagoner (Aug. 1960, RCA 7770)
Throwin' Kisses
Bob Luman's original features Roy Buchanan on guitar.
First recorded for his 1960 LP, it was also released as a 45 in Jun. 1967 (Hickory 1460)
  • Bob Luman (Oct. 1960, LP Let's Think About Livin')
  • Sue Thompson (Jun. 1961, Hickory 1144)
  • Sheila Southern (1961, HMV pop 917, UK)
Meet Mr Mud
Also features Roy Buchanan on gtr. In Apr. 1970 released as a 45 (Hickory 1564)
  • Bob Luman (Oct. 1960, LP Let's Think About Livin')
I Gotta Go
(Because I Love You)
US 45 US release came in picture sleeve
Hyland's record reached as high as #101, Billboard bubbling under.

Ronnie Cord ←The song was covered by Brazilian Ronnie Cord (Ronald Cordovil), a singer from Sao Paulo who had a smash hit with Brian Hyland's Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie.... After having recorded pop covers in English, he later joined the Jovem Guarda movement and scored hit records in Portuguese.
Cord died in 1986 of cancer.
  • Brian Hyland (Dec. 1960, Kapp 363X, London 9262, UK)
  • Ronnie Cord (1961, LP Tonight My Love Tonight, Brasil)
The original version of the song by RCA guitarist Floyd Robinson was a minor hit Down Under.

The song made it big in France. Clip of Sylvie Vartan and Frankie Jordan performing the French hit version:
Panne d'essence
(← Click image to play the clip)
It was Sylvie's first recording, a duet with the ex-dentist rock singer Frankie Jordan. Though she sang the better half of the song, Jordan's name was in capitals on the sleeve, and Sylvie's in small print.
Sylvie continued to make it big in France while Jordan returned to be a dentist. On radio, she sang the song along with Michel Cogoni. Sylvie later recorded a remake with Pierre Palmade, now singing the 'male'-part of the song, and Palmade the female part that actually suited him well!

Another rather bizarre cover is by the group Au Bonheur des Dames. A risqué version: now it is a homosexual story of two truckers who, on the excuse of being out of gas, are having a wild night with a lot of double entendre humour in the lyrics.

  • Floyd Robinson (Dec. 1960, RCA 7827)
  • Frankie Jordan & Sylvie Vartan (June 1961, Decca 70734, French cover: "Panne d'essence")
  • Au Bonheur Des Dames (1988, LP Jour de Fête, as "Une panne dans la nuit", French neo-rock-humour)
  • Sylvie Vartan (1998, cd Irresistiblement Sylvie! with Pierre Palmade)
  • Antoine (2002, cd Élucubre au Petit Journal, part of a live medley-duet with Frankie Jordan)
  • Sofia Essaïd & Patxi Garrat (Star Academy 3) (2003, cd Fait Sa Bamba)
  • Frankie Jordan & Noémie (2004, cd Les pionniers du rock Français: Le retour, live à l'Olympia)
  • Sylvain Cormier & Monique Giroux (2007, cd Le Cabaret des Refrains, Vol. 2)
  • Chris Evans & Céline Dimier (2010, cd Le jukebox des années 60, Panne d'essence by French neo-rockabilly pioneer)
  • Telma Neves Medina & Cleudir da Luz Mota (2012, by two students from Cape Verde, in the theater show "Scandale dans la famille", see clip)
Freddy And His Go-cart
Great teen-novelty song. Lyrics
On the other side of the 45 Duncan did the first recorded version of Hello Mary Lou, the Gene Pitney song that later would be a huge hit for Ricky Nelson.
This Duncan is the US singer of later C&W-fame, not the UK skiffle-artist
  • Johnny Duncan (1961, Leader 812)
The Valley Of Love
A silly song
  • Johnny Ferguson (Dec. 1960, MGM 12960, MGM 1119 (UK), MGM 73083 NZ)

Les Triplees

French cover by Les Triplées (3 triplet sisters, Marcelle, Lydia and Claire)

Hillbilly Five

Swedish cover by The Hillbilly Five (1966)
Who's that sneaking down the fire escape
Who's that peeking through the garden gate
Who's on the loose, but can't be found
Big Daddy's Alabama bound

Big Daddy's Alabama bound (2x)
Police is searchin' but he can't be found
Big Daddy's Alabama bound

Somebody ran off with the mayor's wife
Somebody tried to take the police chief's life
Somebody stole the judge's ragged old gown
Big Daddy's Alabamy bound...

Highway patrol and the F.B.I.
Is out huntin' this criminal
They got their hound dogs sniffin' the ground
Big Daddy's Alabamy bound...

©1961 Acuff-Rose Publ. Inc.
source: Standard Songs, Acuff-Rose Pub. Inc. 1956-1973

BerylBryden UK Jazz singer Beryl Bryden (1920-1998), washboard player in Lonnie Donegan's band, recorded the song in 1963.
Here is the sleeve of its French release: EP "Beryl Bryden au Festival d'Antibes"
Wanda Jackson Eugen Tajmer
Wanda Jackson had the song on the B side of a German single release (Capitol 80319, ±1970), Eugen Tajmer & Ole Mortensens Orkester did a Danish version Jeg Gjord' Det Gerne Om Igen, 1965
  • Boots Randolph (Jan. 1961 RCA 7835; Nov. 1967 Monument 1038, bubbling under hot 100)
  • The Willis Brothers (Dec. 1961, Starday 45-570)
  • Jill Thomas (1961, HMV HR-172, New Zealand)
  • Sue Thompson (Apr. 1962, LP Two of a Kind; Jan. 1964, Hickory 1240 45 rpm, bubbling under Billboard Hot 100)
  • The King Brothers & Virginia Mountaineers (1961/62?, Dixie 958)
  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk)
  • Lita Marino (Sep. 1962, WB 5302, a #41 local break out on KJR-radio, Seattle, Washington)
  • Beryl Bryden (Mar. 1963, Columbia DB7010, UK jazz singer)
  • The Orlons (1963, LP South Street, fast rocking doo-wop)
  • Les Triplées (Jun. 1964, EP JAG 730003, French lyrics: "Grand père est plus jeune que nous")
  • Eugen Tajmer og Ole Mortensens Orkester (1965, RCA 1118, Denmark, as "Jeg Gjord' Det Gerne Om Igen")
  • Del Wood (1966, LP Upright Low Down And Honky Tonk, Miss Del Wood a honky tonk piano wizard)
  • Hillbilly Five (1966, Swe Disc 1176, Sweden)
  • The Browns (1967, RCA 9364, small C&W hit)
  • Chet Atkins (1968, LP Hometown Guitar)
  • Wanda Jackson (1968, LP The Many Moods Of)
  • Ted Daigle (1968± LP Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, Canadian country singer, song credited to Laudermilk)
  • Al Tercek and his Orchestra (1968±, LP Polka Power, as "My Polka Poppa" (is Pennsylvania bound))
  • Del Reeves (1970, LP Big Daddy Del)
  • Kossi Gardner (1971, RCA 47-9963, on Hammond organ, with Chet Atkins)
  • Jerry Reed (1971, LP When You're Hot, You're Hot)
  • Kenny Price (1971, LP Sheriff Of Boone County)
  • Danny Davis & Nashville Brass (1971, LP Super Country)
  • Bobby Allison (1975, LP NASCAR Goes Country, famous auto-racer ventures to sing)
  • Naďa Urbánková (1979, Supraphon 1143 2260, as "Až pozdě ráno půjdem spát" by Czech country singer)
  • Chet, Floyd & Boots (1987, cd Chet, Floyd & Boots)
  • Marcel Dadi (1992, cd La Guitare à Dadi Vol 2)
  • Buddy Greene (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
Ebony Eyes
Cover Everly's tear jerker reached #8 on Billboard.
Coupled with Walk Right Back, this double A-sided record was a top hit all over the world.

→Acuff-Rose sheet music publication


← Picture cover of Everly Brothers

Cover A great parody was made by English poet/ comedian Les Barker. A tale to glorify Holland's frozen meat pies: about a wedding breakfast scheduled to arrive with the future bride on the 92 bus, but the bus runs into turbulent weather and never arrives. Last verse: "If I ever get to heaven, I'll bet, the first angel I'll recognise, she'll come my way, bearing a tray, a tray full of Holland's meat pies"

Another rare fun version was waxed on 5 copies of acetate on the French label Le Kiosque d'Orphée by a group who called themselves Cover Los Lavabos (name being a wink to group Los Bravos who had a hit at the time) and who were singing 'en lavabo' (=phonetic English). It was a group formed out of three different groups from Mulhouse, France. They recorded in acetate, as a regular release would require pressing 50 records which might be too much to meet the demand. The sleeve (see right) is a fantasy by a owner of one of the acetates

Cover Cover
Paul Walden on a New Zealand 1964 EP release, The Singing Kettles on a 1969 Australian EP

Cover Cover Cover Popular on Dutch illegal pirates radio stations in the eighties, three covers from 1982-84

  • Everly Brothers (Jan. 1961, WB 5199)
  • Die Ramonas (= Gus Backus) (1961, Polydor 24565, German translation 'Annemarie' by American born Schlagerkönig)
  • Dickey Lee (1963, LP Tale Of Patches)
  • Bob Harvey (Starlite 11772)
  • Brendan O'Brien & Dixies (Pye 17121, a #2 chart hit in Ireland)
  • Paul Walden (1964, EP Molly, HMV 6087, New Zealand)
  • Guy Cloutier (1966, A1 801, Québec version "Adieu Nathalie", Canadian producer and talent manager, in 2004 sentenced to prison for 2 years for sexual assault of Nathalie Simard)
  • Jody Wayne (1966, PYE 117, South Africa)
  • Los Lavabos (1967, rare acetate EP on label Le Kiosque d'Orphée, France)
  • The Singing Kettles (1969, EP Hadley HEP-515, 3 brothers from Tasmania)
  • Gluntan (1970, LP Gluntan i Studio, Norwegian cover "Sannhetens øyeblikk")
  • Fumble (1972, LP Fumble, UK 70s rock)
  • Bobby Jones (1974, Rosemount Music EP 3, UK budget release)
  • Frankie McBride (1974, LP Sad Songs - Country Style, Canada)
  • The Inner Sound (1975, EP SRT-020, UK, on a label that looks to be mainly meant for private pressings)
  • Roy Alton (1975, Tackle 009, UK reggae in a strange, unstable rhythm)
  • The Cliffson Duo (1976, LP Togetherness, UK)
  • Les Barker and Mrs. Ackroyd (1977, Free Reed FRY-1, as "Holland's Meat Pies")
  • Orion (1978, LP Reborn, 'the masked man', an Elvis imitator, one year later single release on the UK-Sun label)
  • Daddy Cool and the Lollipops (1979, Release RL-979, Ireland, composer listed as Laudermilk)
  • Ann & Bryn Yemm (1980, LP Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow)
  • De Wiko's (Feb. 1982, Philips 6075 024, Dutch translation "Vlucht 1203")
  • Anja en Sjan (1982, Dureco 4529, Dutch translation "Om daarna altijd samen te zijn")
  • Het Landgraaf-Duo (1983/84, Limbo 5285, another Dutch 'piraten' 45rpm)
  • Don Juans (1985, LP Loving You, UK)
  • The Calhoun Twins (2005, cd Easy Come Easy Go)
  • Hepie & Hepie (2007, cd Hepie & Hepie, again "Vlucht 1203")
  • Gray Bartlett (2008, cd 50th Anniversary, guitar instrumental)
  • Ruud Hermans & Dick van Altena (2008, cd Live 'n Easy)
  • John Latimer Law & His Ebony Sound (2009, cd Celtic Favorites)
  • Brendan Duncan (2010, cd Celtic Favorites Vol 2)
  • Ritchie Lloyd (2010, cd A Tribute to the Everly Brothers Vol. 2, instrumental)
  • Johnny Bremner (2013, cd On The Other Hand)
  • Ray Lynam (2013, cd Hello Darlin')
  • Pierre de Charmoy with Gene Rockwell (2014, cd Gene Rockwell and Friends 21st Anniversary Album, South Africa)
  • Cory Chisel and Adriel Danae (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
Stayin' In
Cover Song about a stupid jerk who loses his girl to the he-man of the school. Some radio stations banned this innocent song, because of its 1st line: "I punched my buddy in the nose" (lyrics).
Same type of story as in Bully Of The Beach and The File.

← picture sleeved US-release on Liberty

  • Bobby Vee (Jan. 1961, Liberty 55296, #33 Billboard Hot 100 hit)
Why Not?

The Everlys original recording wasn't released in 1961, but was put on the shelf until release in 1977

  • Jana Louise (Oct. 1964, LP A Dixie Cup Of Sand)
  • Sue Thompson (Apr. 1968, Hickory 1493)
  • Everly Brothers (1977, LP The New Album, a prev. unreleased 1961 recording)
Top Forty, News, Weather and Sports
Great song! First release had a line in the lyrics about Patrice "Lumumba doin' the rumba to the tune of The Blue Tango". On later releases that line was cut out (Congo freedom fighter Lumumba was murdered in January 1961 with a little help of the Belgian government), bluntly amputating the verse by one line.
Other news & music references in the lyrics: Eisenhower, Fidel Castro, Rockefeller, Lolita, Brenda Lee, Nehru, Krutchev.
  • Mark Dinning (Feb 1961, MGM 12980, peaked #81 Billboard)

Billboard Add Billboard add for Luman's 45 release

"The Great Snowman" has become a classic in Sweden, land with the highest population density of Snowmen, it seems.
The song is a must for every amateur band to have in their repertoire. The popular dansbands play the song in English or with Swedish lyrics. Over the years, the lyrics have been translated more than once, so the song has been recorded with song titles like:
  Min dröm skall bli sann (My dream will come true),
  Le Lite Mer (Smile a little more),
  Du gick din väg (You went your way)
All these lyrics seem to deal with another story than the original song about Jimmy Jones, the Great Snow Man, see Lyrics

cover cover
The original US version was issued in a picture sleeve. B-side was also a Loudermilk cover, The Pig Latin Song.
Right: Danish cover version Snemanden by Bjørn Tidman

cover cover
Left: Swedish cover, recorded in 1964 by The Hillbilly Five. They sang the English lyrics and scored a hit. In 1967 they released a version in Swedish, "Den store snömannen". Right: Swedish cover Le Lite Mer, by 'dansband' Jöregens

cover cover
Left: Czech cover, song was titled "O.K.". Right: 1980 Austrian single release by Ty Tender, an Elvis-imitating rocker

  • Bob Luman (Mar. 1961, WB 5204)
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love, in Germany on a 45 on the b-side of Language Of Love)
  • Jimmy Snyder (Nov. 1961, Lee 116, Lee Hazlewood's label)
  • Rusty Greaves & Peter Posa (1961, Zodiac 1077, New Zealand)
  • Bjørn Tidman (1961, Triola 110, as "Snemanden", Denmark)
  • Bill Carlisle (Nov. 1964, Hickory 1280)
  • Hillbilly Five (1964, Swe Disc 1060, Sweden)
  • Key Notes (1965, Europa SE 07, Swedish 45 rpm credits Luman as composer)
  • Gruppe 4 (1965, Triola 406, Norway, as "Snømann")
  • Jody Wayne (1966, LP Jody Wayne sings 16 Candles and Patches, South Africa)
  • Jörgens Orkester (1967, HB record 1002, Swedish translation "Le Lite Mer")
  • Bobby Bare & Hillsiders (1967, LP The English Country Side, Nashville singer coupled with Liverpool beat group gone country)
  • Hillbilly Five (1967, 45 rpm with their Swedish translation "Den store snömannen")
  • The Geezinslaw Brothers (1968, LP Chubby)
  • The Mercey Brothers (1968, Columbia 2790, Canadian brothers)
  • Flamingo Kvintetten (1969, LP Chin Chin, in Swedish: "Min dröm skall bli sann")
  • The Rangers (1970, Panton 04 0279, in Czech: "O.K.")
  • Cool Candys (1973, LP Go'bitar 4, Swedish dansband, as "Du gick din väg", a swinging version)
  • Jeannie Denver (1975, Westwood WRS 100, UK country)
  • Säwes (1976, LP Dansa På 3, Swedish dansband, in 1977 on 45: M MAS 1150)
  • Carols (1976, LP Svängiga Danslåtar, more from Sweden)
  • Gillstrands (1976, LP Vi ska ha kul i kväll, Sweden, English lyrics)
  • Gluntan (1977, LP Nå er vi her igjen, Norway)
  • The Spotnicks (1978, LP The Great Snowman)
  • Mia Westers (1978, LP Ge mej din hand, Sweden)
  • Lennes (1979, 45 rpm Artside label, Swedish dansband, English lyrics)
  • The Streaplers (1979, LP Jubileumsalbum, Sweden)
  • Ty Tender (1980, MCP 411.017, Austria)
  • Bohusländers (1980, LP Bohusländers, Swedish, "Du gick din väg")
  • Mats Rådberg & Rankarna (1981, LP All Time Country Favorites, Sweden)
  • Frankie & The Young Ones (1982, LP Golden Rock Dreams Vol. 2, composer spelt as Laudermilk)
  • Paul McCloud (1982, LP The Sensitive Sound of, Australian neo-rockabilly)
  • Albateros (1999, cd På Vingerle, Danish version "Linda og Snemanden")
  • Andy Lang (1999, cd American Christmas, Austrian neo-rocker)
  • Ryno Rockers (2000, cd Still Rocking)
  • Mats Bergmans (2002, cd Min Egen Ängel)
  • Canders (cd Lite av din tid, another Swedish dance band)
  • Garry Blackmore Band (cd Reminiscing, UK Country)
  • Paddy O'Brien (2003, cd Footsteps, Irish)
  • Lost and Found (2004, cd Lost and Found II, Texas folk duo)
  • Philip Steans (2004, cd A mother so true, New Zealand)
  • Jimmy Gordon (2009, cd De Rock 'n Roll Methode Vol. 24)
  • Norro Wilson (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
The Pig Latin Song
I-ya ovla ooya, Pig Latin for I love you see lyrics
Leadbelly also recorded (another) Pig Latin Song
  • Bob Luman (Mar. 1961, WB 5204)
  • The Magic Strangers (Mar. 1964, CNR 9697, Netherlands, Luman credited as composer)
  • Schurli und die Motorbienen (1990, Suisa KM3, Austrian fun cover: "Ausgehen Heute Ausgehen" on 'Plattewurm'-label)
If I Had The Right To Do You Wrong
  • Kitty Wells (1961, LP Seasons Of My Heart)
  • Jeff Hughes (1961/1962, Tillis 1002, Mel Tillis' label as simply "If I Had The Right")
  • Philomena Begley (2004, 2-cd Once Around The Dance Floor, Irish country music)
(You're) Too Late
Loudermilk/ Bill C Phillips
Phillips a composer and recording artist for Columbia who also worked with Kitty Wells. This 1961 co-written song emerged first on Bill's 1977 LP on the Guinness label, looks like a compilation/ discount label
  • Bill Phillips (1977, LP The Bill Phillips Project)
Billboard Add ←Add in music magazine Billboard

The ooby dooby of the chorus JDL attributes to backup singers Norris Wilson and Don Gant who had worked with Roy 'Ooby Dooby' Orbison

John D.'s record charted #4 in the Philippines, Dec. 1961. In Billboard's Hot 100 it peaked #32, Dec. 11, 1961

cover cover
Die Juniors covered the song in German as Wenn das Wörtchen 'Wenn' nicht wär, duo Birgit & Iris recorded it as Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo
cover cover
And two French versions: Pierrette Bruno with T'oublies tout, a smart translation of "oubidoubidou" to the identical sounding "t'oublies, t'oublies, t'oublies tout" (means: "you forget, forget, forget everything"), and Claude François' version Langage d'Amour (Ou-bi-dou-bi-dou) cover

From 1962, a rare cover out of Soviet dominated Yugoslavia, Serbian version Jezik Ljubavi.
A good cover, two girls singing at high speed tempo, finishing the song within 1:35 minutes time
cover cover
Two 1962 covers from Scandinavia: Swedish young guitar player named Tommy singing in English and Bente Merete's Danish lyrics "Hjerternes sprog"

  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1961, RCA 7838; RCA 0889 (UK), Billboard #32)
  • Towa Carson (1961, RCA 649, Swedish version "Kärlekens Språk")
  • The King Brothers acc. by Geoff Love and the Rita Williams Singers (Dec. 1961, Parlophone 4861, UK
  • Bobby Stevens (Jan. 1962, Embassy 491, British Woolworth' budget cover)
  • Tommy (Jan. 1962, Triola TD-123, Danmark)
  • Die Juniors (Feb. 1962, Columbia 22099, German version "Wenn das Wörtchen 'Wenn' nicht wär)
  • Bente Merete Sv. Nicolaisens orkester (1962, RCA 45-1070, "Hjerternes sprog" Danish translated cover)
  • Duo DD (1962, EP 50190, "Jezik Ljubavi" in Yugoslavia)
  • Luigi Fiumicelli (1962, Acquario 318, Italian version "Il Linguiggio Dell'Amore (Dubi Dubi)")
  • Pierrette Bruno (1963, EP Pathé EG 628, French version as "T'oublies tout")
  • Claude François (Feb. 1963, EP Fontana 460863, French version "Langage d'Amour (Ou-bi-dou-bi-dou)")
  • Claude François (1964, Philips 373285, Italian version "Dubi Dubi")
  • Earl Sinks (May 1965, Hickory 1315)
  • Drafi (1965, Decca Y7299 (OZ), Decca F22353 (NL), German singer Drafi Deutscher on the b-side English version of his hit "Marble Breaks and Iron Bends")
  • Teddy Robin & the Playboys (Diamond 256, top Hong Kong pop group)
  • Sue Thompson (Dec. 1966, Hickory 1431)
  • Birgit & Iris (Feb. 1967, Electrola 23435, cover in German: "Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo")
  • Os Centauros (1967, LP Os Centauros, an instrumental swinging organ version by band from Rio de Janeiro)
  • Flamingo Kvintetten (1968, LP Jag Går Ut Med Hunden, Swedish version "Kärlekens Språk")
  • Streaplers (1975, LP Bugga, Sweden)
  • Leif Hultgrens (1976, LP Spår 2, another Swedish "Kärlekens Språk")
  • Timo Panell (1976, M&T 1007, Finland as "Sinä Vain")
  • Jade Hurley (1979, LP 20 Golden Oldens Festival, by tv personality and Australia's King of Country-Rock 'n' Roll)
  • The Rock-Olas (1982, The Rocket Company Xpres 75, UK budget release)
  • Peter Vesth (1988, 2LP Bænkevarmer, Danish as "Kærlighedens sprog (Ubidubidubidu)" in a live version)
  • Sheila G. White (1993, cd I Want to Sing You a Love Song, UK low budget CD with cover versions of old hits, a decent singer, but needs a better production)
  • Grönwalls (1994, cd En plats i solen)
  • Tim & Trent LeClaire (1997, cd Doin' Life, twin brothers from Virginia)
  • Danilo (2001, cd Country Love, on a Norwegian various artists collection)
  • Berth Idoffs (2011, cd Lätt för mig, Sweden)
  • Playin' Buzzed (2012, cd Official Bar Music: Oldies)
  • Beth Nielsen Chapman (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
Lunch In A Bucket
A good, fast catchy teen song, lyrics
Jimmy Bell Jimmy Bell, (← in the studio with Boudleaux Bryant and Floyd Cramer). Jimmy was in fact Jimmy Sweeney, a black Nashville R&B singer/ songwriter who sang in the 1940s with the Five Bars and later worked for Hickory Records. As 'Jimmy Bell' he had a big hit in Canada, doing the original "She Wears My Ring", a song later to be covered by Elvis. It was the Boudleaux/Bryant adaptation of the old Italian "La Golondrina". "Lunch in a Bucket" was intended to be the follow-up.
  • Jimmy Bell (May 1961, Hickory 1146)
Mary's No Longer Mine
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love)
  • John Hore (1966, Joe Brown JB.116, New Zealand)
  • Gerry Merito (1966, LP I Must Have Been A Beautiful (Baby) Spaceman, New Zealand)
Mister Jones
Loudermilk says he sang Mr Jones with his father-in-law (who was a rich store-owner) in mind.
In many other songs Loudermilk used the family name Jones. There is a mother-in law "Miss Jones" figuring in He Can Be Your Baby, and beside Angela Jones there is a Jimmy Jones (it was the Great Snow Man's name). Then there is his The Jones' song, criticising the tv and journalism, and finally Ben Jones who left widder Jones 25 acres of land.
Lyrics of Mr Jones
Otto Brandenburg
Danish musician-singer-actor Otto Brandenburg (1934-2007), known as the 'backyard puma' by his sloppy way of walking, covered the song (in English)
  • Scott Engel (Mar. 1961, Liberty 55312); Engel later as "Scott Walker" part of the Walker Brothers
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love, 1962 RCA 7993)
  • Otto Brandenburg (1963, Odeon DK-1613, Denmark)
  • Conway Twitty (1964, LP Hit The Road)
  • The (Count) Bishops (May 1979, EP Chiswick 111, good UK boogie rock)
  • Lee Roy Parnell (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
(Gwen) Loudermilk / Loudermilk

Road Hog
The record was released in the US in a picture sleeve.
Song is registered as being co-written by Gwen Loudermilk, JDL's first wife. Gwen's contribution has been the remark "Good idea" when JDL told her about the idea to write a song about the Nashville traffic Police.
The song was written in April 1961, but not recorded and released by then. First release was in Oct. 1962 in the original composer's version.

The song is based on the old banjo traditional "Ground Hog". First recorded in 1924 by Land Norris on Okeh, and covered by Pete Seeger, Guy Carawan, Doc Watson, etc etc. In 1959 folk group The Windjammers recorded a version, produced by Chet Atkins and JDL.
Loudermilk added to the basic verses of Ground Hog his own catchy chorus "road-a-hog, beep beep! do-do-de-do-do". It was that part that really turned it into a hit.

The song has been a big hit in South America. Cover versions hit the #1-spot in Brasil (November 1964) and one year later #1 in Uruguay, Chile and #2 in Argentina.
It was one of the important songs of the Brazilian Jovem Guarda movement (=Young guards), a very popular musical movement in the years of 1964-1970 with Roberto Carlos as its virtual leader. It was a simple and naive type of music and jovem guarda was very underrated by critics and so-called serious Brazilian musicians (like the bossa nova people). But it always kept its fans among singers and composers of other kinds of popular music, specially from "tropicália", another fine and rich musical movement that happened in Brazil in the years 1967-1971 and had Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil as leaders. Today guys like David Byrne, Beck and Sean Lennon are some of their fans.

The song gained at least three Spanish versions, variously called "Mi Cacharrito", "Mi Cochecito" and "Mi Cachivache" (also substitute "El" for "Mi" where applicable).

Calhambeque Calhambeque
Roberto Carlos, covering in Portuguese as "O Calhambeque" (left: Brasil EP release, right: on a French EP)

Helena Rocha's "O Calhambeque" on her 1965 debut EP, posing in front of a 'calhambeque'. Helena was a Portugese teacher and actress. She performs the song in a jazzy way, backed up by the orchestra of Fernando Carvalho.

Bip bip EP
An alternative version, different from the single version, of Joe Dassin's hit Bip Bip is to be found on a 1965 EP

  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1962, RCA 8101, Billboard pop #65)
  • Manolo Muñoz (1962/63?, Musart 4225, "Mi Cacharrito", Mexican 1960s pop star)
  • Roberto Carlos (1964, EP CBS 5956, "O Calhambeque", in Portuguese)
  • Roberto Carlos (1964, as "Mi Cacharrito" in Spanish)
  • Los Iracundos (1964/65, as "El Cachivache" in Spanish by Uruguayan group)
  • Los Curramberos de Guayabal (1964?, Son-Art 45-1497, "Mi Cacharrito", Columbia)
  • Ricardo y Los Holidays (1964, LP Los Holidays, "Mi Cacharrito", Venezuelan rock group, also on 45 rpm on Discomoda label)
  • Piero y su Conjunto (1965, Philips 45rpm, Piero de Benedictis, born in Italy and moved to Argentina, hit the #1 spot in Chilean charts with this cover "El Cachivache")
  • Jorge Romero (1965, RCA 45rpm, Chilean cover "El Cachivache")
  • Helena Rocha (1965, EP Decca, "Calhambeque", Portuguese girl singer)
  • Mila (1965, EP Philips 436368PE, Spain "Mi Cacharrito")
  • Joe Dassin (Nov. 1965, CBS 2141, French cover, as "Bip Bip")
  • Armand Lassagne (EP Pop POX 70, French instrumental accordeon cover, as "Bip Bip")
  • Os Velhinhos Transviados (1965, LP Embalados, Brazil, instrumental with some scat fun talk)
  • Los Baby's (1966, LP "Pero yo no lo conozco", as "El Carcachito", Mexico)
  • The Supersonics (1966, LP Mandando Brasa!, "O Calhambeque")
  • Santi Sans (1967, EP A la Cova del Drac, as "El meu Trastet", Comedian singing in Catalan language)
  • Topo Gigio (1968, EP Philips 441449, Brazilian "O Calhambeque" in children tv-series)
  • Barnabé (1968, LP Show de Graça Vol 4, Brazilian comedian, "Calhambeque")
  • Os 3 Patinhos (1980, EP for children by the Brazilian version of Donald Duck's 3 little nephews, quacking "O Calhambeque")
  • Lulu Santos (1984, LP Todo Azul, Brazilian superstar doing another "O Calhambeque" style disco)
  • Grupa Audaz (1988/89, cd Popurri Dinamita La Sensation Musical de Mexico, "La Carcachita", remastered release 2008)
  • Angélica (1989, cd Angélica, Brazilian tv star doing "O Calhambeque")
  • Angelica Vale (1989, LP Angelica Vale, as "La Carcachita (O Calhambeque)", Mexico)
  • Gabriela (1990, LP Se todos fossem iguais a você, "O Calhambeque")
  • Marcos Resende (1991, LP Tributo A Roberto Carlos, Brazilian instrumental, jazzy piano orchestral version)
  • Thobias (1992, Thobias & A. Turma do Chamachopp, Brazilian "O Calhambeque")
  • El Compa Godo (1994, cd Compa Godo Y Su Banda La Ponderosa, "La Carcachita")
  • Caetano Veloso (1995, cd O Calhambeque, 30 Anos De Jovem Guarda Vol. 3)
  • Les Années Twist (1995, Musical by Roger Louret, medley contains "Bip Bip")
  • Ricardo Braga (1996, cd Dance Do Rei, O Calhambeque in an Euro House version)
  • Neno (1996, cd Neno Neno Neno, Calhambeque, Portugal)
  • Marc Minelli (1997, cd L'équipe àJoJo, "Bip-Bip" on a Joe Dassin tribute)
  • Leonardo (1999, 2cd Ao Vivo, Brazilian country singer doing live "O Calhambeque" in 53 seconds time)
  • André Mazzini - (1999, Interpreta Roberto Carlos. 20 Super Sucessos. Vol.1, "O Calhambeque" as a flute instrumental)
  • Simba Musical (2002, cd Corazón de America, a Mexican "Cacharrito")
  • Silvana Cruz (2001, cd Ao Som dos Ventos, Brazilian "O Calhambeque", excellent jazzy interpretation)
  • Bebeto & Grupo Gamação (2002, cd Os Melhores do Ano 3, "O Calhambeque")
  • Renato Vargas (2002, cd , As Canções Que O Rei Cantou Vol II, "O Calhambeque")
  • Banda Feitiço Da Lua (2005, cd Forro Da Jovem Guarda, "O Calhambeque" in a medley with Splish Splash)
  • The Breastfeeders (2006, cd Salut Joe!, French-Canadien "Bip-Bip" on a Joe Dassin tribute album)
  • John Milk (2006, cd Yoyicanciones Para Niños, "Mi Cacharrito" for children)
  • Ancieto Molina (2007, cd Soló Hits, "Mi Cacharrito" by Colombian singer and accordionist)
  • Introvertido (2008, cd Tu Figura En La Pared, swinging version "Mi Cacharrito")
  • Eduardo Lages (2008, cd Inimit´vel, instrumental muzak from Brasil)
  • Banda de Boca (2009, cd MPB pras crianças, "Calhambeque")
  • Cumbia Pampanera (2009, cd Los Principes de la Cumbia, "Mi Cacharrito")
  • Nery Pedraza Y Los Guaraperos (2011, cd Conga Pa' Rollar, Mexico, "Mi Cacharrito")
  • Ricky Norton (2012, cd Longe do Meu Portugal, "O Calhambeque")
  • Les Joyeux Urbains (2012, cd Joe Dassin chanté par ..., various artists album, "Bip Bip" fun version)
  • Juan David Valderrama Correa (2014, cd 33 "Revoluciones", "Mi Cacharrito", Colombia)
  • The Joe's (2014, cd Wanted Joe Dassin, "Bip Bip", French humor band, either called The Joe's, or Wanted Joe Dassin)
  • Grupo Candombe (2017, cd 16 Grandes Cumbias, "Mi Cacharrito")
Road Hog was a giant hit in Brasil. Roberto Carlos' version "O Calhambeque" was covered by many Brazilian singers.
It also was an inspiration to a comic story by Brazilian artist Eugênio Colonnese, who made comics about O Morto Do Pântano (= Swamp Zombie). Colonnese was ahead of his time. His Zombie character was made long before American "Swamp Thing" was on the scene. He also conceived an original character Mirza, which later seems to have been the inspiration for "Vampirella".
In Colonnese's 9-page story "O Calhambeque Vermelho" (1968), two shady scoundrels drive to the swamp in their old red vehicle ("Calhambeque Vermilho") to dump a body. Each man has the plan to finish his rival afterwards. But Swamp Zombie has noticed them enter his territory and in the end he gets hold of the old vehicle and the story ends with him riding the Calhambeque and singing the lyrics of the song!

Colonnese Colonnese Colonnese

Left: "O Morto" doesn't like the surviving scoundrel to make fun of him, center: and uses his weapon, right: and drives off singing the chorus of "O Calhambeque"!
Song Of The Lonely Teen
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love)
The Ballad of Widder Jones
(And Her 25 Acres of Land)
Tale about the origins of Dallas, see lyrics
  • George Hamilton IV (May 1961, RCA 7881)
(Of The Heartbreak Line)

Blue Train
LP released 1963 in South Africa, pictures the original South African Blue Train
Song was released as a surprise hit in South Africa, where the song title had extra impact thanks to Suid Afrika's famous railroad line between Johannesburg and Kaapstad (Capetown), die Blou Trein (Blue Train). The record charted #2 in July 1963 in South Africa and stayed in the top 10 for over 3 months.
In Germany the single charted #26 in 1963.

The song was in 2002 revived by Doyle Lawson, who did a sparkling blue grass version that got rewarded with the 2003 IBMA Award Song Of The Year.

Below: in a 2013 Viva NashVegas radioshow, John D. tells the story of the Blue Train; George Hamilton IV, John D. and his son Mike Loudermilk perform the song

  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love, in 1964 RCA 8308 a #44 C&W hit)
  • Betty McQuade (1962, Astor 7017, Australia)
  • Chris Baldo (1962, Decca 19614, Radio Luxembourg deejay sang it with German lyrics, but song title not changed)
  • Johnny Clark (1964, LP Sings The Big Ones, Canada)
  • Roy Acuff Jr (Sep. 1968, Hickory 1515)
  • Frank Necessary & Stone Mountain Boys (1972, Jalyn 45-352)
  • George Hamilton IV (Dec. 1972, RCA 0854)
  • Pat Boone (1973, LP I Love You More And More Every Day)
  • Ladislav Vodička (1973, Czech translation, text Michal Bukovič)
  • The Gap (LP Comanche Gap, UK Country)
  • Michael Holm (LP Halt Mich Fest, German Schlager version "Einmal Ganz Anders")
  • Sam Thompson (1986, Door Knob 247, Gene Kennedy's label)
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (2002, cd Hard Game Of Love)
  • Moonshine Reunion (2006, cd Sex, Trucks and Rock 'n' Roll, Belgium rockabilly)
  • Bjøro Håland (2007, cd Diamonds Are Forever, Norwegian country artist)
  • Billy Forrest (2008, cd The Long Black Train, South Africa)
  • Verskeie Kunstenaars (=unidentified various artists) (2008, cd Techno Klippies, swinging South African techno-accordeon instrumental)
  • Tennessee (2009, cd Sahnestücke 1975-1995, German country)
  • The Roka-Billys (2010, cd The Definite Country Collection Vol 1, poor cover)
  • Noel Parlane (2011, cd Trucks & Trains, Australia)
  • The Railroad Cowboys (2012, cd Trucks and Trains)
  • Moonshine Reunion (2013, cd Sex, Trucks & Rock'n'roll)
  • Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk, live recording)
Darling Jane
Dorsey Burnette ← Dorsey Burnette's release in a 1962 Dutch picture sleeve release.

The song was inspired by Loudermilk's interest in meteorology and especially hurricanes. He would predict where a storm would land and drive to the location and stay with the people at the shelter.

  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1961, RCA 7838)
  • Dorsey Burnette (Oct. 1962, Reprise 20121)
  • Anita Kerr Singers (1970, LP It's Anita Kerr Country)
He's Just a Scientist
The original sheet music lyrics have 5 verses, but on the recording the bony fossil verse (#4) is left out
  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk)
  • Connie Francis (1987, LP Connie Francis: Rocksides, prev. unreleased 1961 recording)
  • Barbara Seith (1998, part of her cabaret show "Web Site Story")
That One Kiss
  • Gogi Grant (Apr. 1961, Liberty 55316)
  • Renée Franke & die Jupiter Serenaders (1961, Jupiter 158, German text by R.M. Siegel, titled "Valentino")
Sammy ("Oh Julie!") Salvo was a one hit-wonder artist. But he sure deserved more: he recorded a lot of catchy, good rocking songs. His Italian roots must have given him his great voice.
  • Sammy Salvo (Jun. 1961, Hickory 1150)
  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk)
  • Gene Rockwell (1964, RCA 41-692, South Africa)
  • Leon Schuster (1988, LP Dasiefoutie!! version in Afrikaans: "Boelie van die Strand")
Billy Blue
  • Sammy Salvo (Jan. 1962, Hickory 1161)
Loudermilk's inspiration for "Bully Of The Beach" came from the advertisements for the "Charles Atlas System", a body building course. In every 1930 and 1940 magazine a comic beach story illustrated how it worked: 'Are you tired of getting sand kicked in your face, I promise you new muscles in days!'.
Loudermilk isn't the only one to have made a parody on this. Bernard "Willem" Holtrop, the best cartoonist of the 20th century (at least that's how he will be judged in 100 years), made his version in the 1970s, a short story "Monsieur Muscle":

Willem Willem Willem

Seems to come straight from the lyrics of Bully Of The Beach: Left: A great big bully kicked sand in my baby's face... Centre: She left with him arm in arm... Right: So I went home and I ordered me a book on how to get to be big and strong!
Two Strangers In Love
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love)
Clip of John D performing Windy & Warm, in 2007, Ford Theater, Nashville TN, in the Series Poets And Prophets organised by the Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum:
(← Click image to play the clip)
John tells how he played the song for Chet Atkins, and Chet picked up a guitar and finished the song before John could finish it, though John had written the song!

There's a load of pickers practising "Windy and Warm" on YouTube. Just enter the song title in the YouTube search box and watch the song being done by dozens of amateurs and professionals.

Loudermilk has shown an interest in weather phenomenons. It was an inspiration to song titles of some of his songs (Windy and Warm, Cloudy and Cool, Long Dry Spell), also figures in "Darling Jane".

I've been told that in the 1960s a guy recorded the song with lyrics added to it. True? Who? Chuck Kruger did a "Windy & Warm" in 1978, but it is another tune.
On her 2014 album, Eagles Calling, Miriam Allen delivers the song with lyrics. Hear a sample of the song.

(Lyrics by Don Humphries)
Well here I sit, caught in the middle,
I can't find a dobro, can't play fiddle,
been playing this song since I was little
trying to play 'Windy and Warm.'

I heard Chet play it when I was just a youngun.
Old Doc played it long and strong,
and here I sit, longer and longer,
trying to play 'Windy and Warm.'

You see what I mean, it's a real tough one.
I gotta get it right, there ain't no bluffing.
And when I get it right, I'll be the stuffing,
when I get the 'Windy and Warm.'

When I get old and ain't worth a damn,
give my finger to Uncle Sam,
Scatter my ashes up on the farm,
up there where it's windy and warm.

When I get to heaven and they give me a harp,
I hope it's tuned in C#,
I'll be playing it right from the start,
trying to play 'Windy and Warm'

EP 1962s A very early cover was the version "Viento Candente" (=very hot wind) by Mexican guitarist Diego de Cossio. Right the cover of his 1962 LP.

1964 An early surf cover on the LP by the Angels (Brasil, 1964)

Ventures EP Spotnicks
Released in Australia on EP by the Ventures (left) and in Sweden by popular guitar band The Spotnicks (right)

  • Chet Atkins (May 1961, RCA 7891)
  • Chet Atkins (Feb. 1962, LP Down Home, LP version different from the single version)
  • Diego de Cossio (1962, Dimsa 4355, rare early Mexican cover, titled "Viento Candente")
  • Boots Randolph (Aug. 1963, Monument 821, London 9798 (UK), sax-version)
  • The Ventures (1963, LP Surfing)
  • The Travelers (July 1963, Yellow Sand 72763, a #39 local chart entry in Tucson AZ)
  • The Del-Rays (1963, R and H 1002, a white R&B band from Muscle Shoals AL with a funky organ)
  • The Spotnicks (1963, Swedisc EP 114, Hit in Europe: EP Polydor 50024 (France), alt. titled "Tormenta Calurosa" on Spanish (?) release)
  • Ken Levy & Phantoms (1964, LP Ken Levy & Phantoms, UK group successful in Sweden)
  • Johnny Kongos & G-Men (1964, LP It Is All Happening, 'South African Mersey Beat')
  • The Angels (1964, LP Happy Week-end with the Angels, Brasil jovem guarda beat)
  • The Strangers (±1964, unreleased acetate by Chicago guitar group)
  • Roy Penney (LP Twistin' The Pick, Canada)
  • Bill Kimber & Couriers (1965, LP Shaking Up A Storm, another South African guitar band)
  • Doc Watson (1965, LP Southbound)
  • Chet Atkins, Boston Pops, Arthur Fiedler (May 1966, LP The "Pops" Goes Country)
  • The Young Ones (1966, England 055, obscure East Coast garage, sold $45 at eBay)
  • F Troop Groop (1967, LP Everybody's Makin' It Big But U.S, Australia)
  • Arkay IV (1968±, surf/garage on compilation cd When We Was Younger Than Yesterday, 1996)
  • Dick McClish Quintet (LP The Dick McClish Quintet, Canada)
  • The Evans Sisters and Carl (LP Sing and Play 14 of your Requests, Canadian bluegrass)
  • The Humblebums (1969, LP First collection of Melodies, with Billy Conolly, but Gerry Rafferty not yet part of the group)
  • Ray Tate (1970, LP This Way Again)
  • Dougie Trineer (1970, LP 24 Country Guitar Selections, Canada)
  • Drifters Caravan (1970±, LP Run To The West, German band)
  • Country Gentlemen (1973, LP Yesterday and Today. Vol 2)
  • Marcel Dadi (1974, LP La Guitare A Dadi No 3, recorded the song many times, live, with Chet Atkins, etc.)
  • Tony Rice (1974, LP Guitar)
  • Ronnie Prophet (1975, LP Ronnie Prophet)
  • Brian Russell (1975, LP Radio Canada, various artists album)
  • Roger Brusberg and his Westerners (1975, LP Country & Western Guitar - My Way, Sweden)
  • Adrian Legg (1976, LP The All Round Gigster)
  • Michel Gentils (1977, LP Guitare Picking, France)
  • Peter Bursch & Broselmachine (1978, LP I Feel Fine, German band of weirdos)
  • Muriel Anderson (Jun. 1978, LP ...Just Begun)
  • Peter Lang (1978, LP Back to the Wall)
  • Doc Watson (1979, LP Doc Watson Guitar Album, a 1968 live version with son Merle Watson)
  • Greg Harris (1979, LP Acoustic II)
  • Helmuth Franke & Friends (1979, LP Guitarland 3)
  • Dennis and Lori Cox (1979, LP The Welcome Table)
  • Yannick Huet (1981, LP Banjo express)
  • Eric Schoenberg (1982, LP Steel Strings, titled: Warm and Windy!)
  • Paul Banks & Musikorkestret (1984, LP Twostep, Denmark, credited as J.B. Loudermilk)
  • Ross McCrady (1985, EP Imperial CIGV-100.7, Canada)
  • Andrew Pendlebury (1988, LP Tigerland, an unusual, improvisating treat)
  • The Saddle City Band (1989, cd The Tucson Album)
  • Counterpoint (cd Now & Then, Anthology 1986-94, UK surf)
  • Carl Perkins & Scotty Moore (1992, cd 706 ReUnion)
  • Buffalo Gil's (1992, cd Dédicaces)
  • Ticky Show (1992, cd Revival, band from Sweden, doin' it in a medley)
  • The Moody Brothers (1994, cd Guitar Boogie, JDL guest appearance)
  • Dan Kirchner & Ted Bailey (1994, cd Two Guitars)
  • Banjo Express Ensemble (1995, cd Best of USA - Banjo Furioso)
  • Los Coronas (1995, cd Los Coronas, Spanish 'surf guitar rock')
  • Jim Henry (1995, cd Jacksonville)
  • Phil Volan (1995, cd Favorite Colors)
  • Chet O'Connell (1995, cd Strat-A-Various, New Zealand)
  • Ben Stull (1995, cd Fine China)
  • Bill Bridges (1996, cd Dreaming Of You)
  • Greenwood Tree (1996, cd Windy And Warm)
  • Ben Stull (1997, cd Fine China)
  • Richard Koechli (1997, cd Envoie-toi, Swiss guitar player)
  • Klaus-Jürgen Spannhoff (cd Mixed Emotions)
  • Michael O'Dorn (1998, cd Hand Picked)
  • Steve Howe (1999, cd Pulling Strings, live by former Yes-member)
  • Lester Peabody (1999, cd Goofin' Around, Finland)
  • Eric Lugosch (1999, cd Kind Heroes)
  • Búfalos d'Agua (1999, cd Ocean, neo surf rock from Brasil)
  • The Ragabillys (cd The Ragabillys, Australia)
  • Acoustic Guitar Summit (2000, cd Acoustic Guitar Summit)
  • Mike Maxfield (2000, cd Tribute plus Vintage, medley with "Trambone")
  • Martin Stephenson (2000, cd The Disciples of Merle & Doc)
  • Nick Charles (2000, cd My Place)
  • Joe Lipman (2000, cd RMMGA CD Vol2, an acoustic guitarist newsgroup project)
  • Charley Simmons (2001, cd Full Circle)
  • Brian Gladstone (2001, cd Psychedelic Pholk Psongs)
  • Mike Hatch (2001, cd Pentimento)
  • The Goldfingers (2001, cd Destination Moon, Swedish neo guitar rock)
  • The Neon Spores (2001, cd The Last Live Show, US surf-rock)
  • Clyde Walker (cd Here And Now)
  • The Black Albino's (2001, cd Guitar Mania Vol 15, live by Dutch reunited 1960s beat group)
  • White Water (2002, cd Family Album)
  • Sam Pacetti (2002, cd Live at the Mill Top Tavern)
  • Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed (2002, DVD In Concert At The Bottom Line, 1992, an extra long live version)
  • Ben Prestage (2002, cd Instrumental Instability)
  • The Mariners (2002, cd Wrong Planet)
  • Jacek Spruch & the Old Time Band (2002, cd Live Satyrblues 2002, Poland)
  • Mark Newman (2002, cd Stories, old folk guitarist)
  • Richard Wiegel (2003, cd Out Of The Blue)
  • John Estes (2003, cd Dancin' Around the Banana Tree)
  • Adrian and Travis Hughes (2003, cd Just Pickin')
  • Double Take (2003, cd One Voice, Six Strings, Twelve Moods, bonus cd, Singapore jazz)
  • Tommy Emmanuel (2004, cd Endless Road, famous Australian guitar-player)
  • David Berchtold (2004, cd Things I've Seen)
  • David Bell (2004, cd I've Got Friends in COLD Places, steel guitar version)
  • Dick Scholten (2004, cd Waldini-Winterweelde, Dick introduces the song as "Tochtig & Vochtig", a very appropriate translation!)
  • Ed Peekeekoot (2005, cd Front Porch, Canadiasn guitarist)
  • Derek Coombs (2005, cd Apple Juice)
  • Meadowlark (2006, cd Windy and Warm)
  • Ed Matzenik (2006, cd The Big Guitar Party)
  • Richard Hudson (2007, cd Thinkin' of Chet)
  • Max Milligan (2007, cd Homage)
  • Kevin Wright (2007, cd Kevin Wright)
  • Steve Howell (2008, cd My Mind Gets to Ramblin')
  • Bobby Denton (2008, cd Nylon and Nails)
  • Gijs Lemmen (2008, cd Gijs Lemmen Plays The Hits Of Chet Atkins)
  • Brendan Power & P.T. Gazell (2008, cd Back To Back)
  • The Wright Kids (2008, cd Playing on the Job)
  • Richard Kiser (2009, cd Guitar Classics)
  • Dennis Currier (2009, cd Terzetto)
  • Big Tweed (2009, cd Introducing... Big Tweed)
  • Thievent Bouchard Lachapelle (2010, cd Live à Montréal, Canadian trio)
  • Doug Gittings (2010, cd Missouri Valley)
  • Rob Aptheker (2010, cd The Best Of (So Far!), free style version)
  • Adam Traum (2011, cd Meant To Be, version by Happy Traum's son)
  • Matt Wong (2011, cd Fly Me To The Moon)
  • Richard Köll (2011, cd Two for the One)
  • Zane Charron (2011, cd Neither Here Nor There)
  • Ben Hall (2011, cd Ben Hall!)
  • Curtis Moss (2012, cd Mile Markers)
  • David Grisman (2012, cd David Grisman's Folk Jazz Trio)
  • Laura Silverstein (2012, cd Happiness Is a Warm Guitar)
  • Pat McCune (2012, cd Going All In)
  • Rick Ilowite, Keith Thomson (2012, cd This Way/ That Way)
  • The Starlite Singers (2012, cd Alley Cat Dance Album, guitar and violin version)
  • Wichayut Kittikornkowit (2013, cd Tomorrow, Thailand)
  • The Monday Men (2013, cd Dimming of the Day, now titled "Warm And Windy")
  • Mark Ari with Noah Ari (2013, cd Rhinocerus)
  • Terry Cassidy (2014, cd There's Always One Bigger Than Me)
  • Miriam Allen (2014, cd Eagles Calling, with lyrics added she sings: "Tryin' To Play 'Windy & Warm' ")
  • George Chatzopoulos (2015, cd Pop/Rock Project)
  • Glen Serbin (2015, cd Pure Acoustic)
  • Jeff Ramsey (2015, cd Fingers Like My Father)
  • Tal Naccarato (2015, cd Dreamflower Sessions)
  • Country Hills Orchestra (2015, cd Blue Blue Day)
  • Andy Cohen (2015, cd Road Be Kind)
  • Chas. Clouse (2016, cd Right-Hand Man)
  • Nixon, Blevins & Gage (2016, cd Pickin' On Doc)
  • David McGregor (2016, cd Live At The Hinckley Act)
  • Tommy Emmanuel (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk, live version)
You Reap Just What You Sow
Song title another biblical inspiration,
Song was released for JDL on a 45 in South Africa (RCA 41659).
Read in the section below about Jan Sanders, who covered the song in 1962 on 45.
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love)
  • Jan Sanders (Jul. 1962, Todd 1075)
  • Alan Fielding (Sep. 1962, Decca 1518 (UK))
  • Carmel Quinn (Oct. 1964, LP Wonderful World of my Dreams)
Jan Sanders The singer Jan Sanders, who covered Reap Just What You Sow, was a mystery to me. Internet seemed to give no information at all about the singer. So I asked for help on the site.
I was very glad to get an answer from rockabilly artist Keith O'Connor, who knew Jan Sanders back in the sixties. He wrote:

Jan Sanders was from Wabash, Indiana. Real name Jan Hutchens. I knew him; he was more of a producer but wrote and sang. He was a fan of Loudermilk and thought JDL was a great songwriter and had me to buy his album to study how to write!
Jan had a studio in Indy. His Tigre label recorded (1962-63)
In The Still Of The Night by the Reflections and Quit While You're Ahead by the Chordells. His name is in the credits on first Ral Donner album he helped with.
A story never told - he did a great version first of Thou Shalt Not Steal - best I ever heard by singer Rick Fortune. He sent the demo to California - no interest. A couple of months later the Dick and Dee Dee using his arrangement but not as good, came out. Yes, ironically they stole the record! I still have a tape of the original produced by Jan!
Rhythm & Blues
Original version features a very young Charlie McCoy on harmonica, probably his first recording session.
  • John D. Loudermilk (1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk
What's The Use
(To Take My Lovin')?
Good song, written in 1961, recorded 1962, but first released on a 1965 album
  • Sue Thompson (1965, LP Paper Tiger)
Your Girl
Cover →the original 45 rpm on ACME, a small but interesting Kentucky label

Any more info on Jay Fanning?

  • Jay Fanning (Jun. 1961, ACME 2034)
Boston Rocker
Cover Boston Rocker, a rockin' song with good rollin' piano, also refers to the John F Kennedy chair in the White House, see lyrics

← sleeve of the Spanish release
  • Bob Luman (Oct. 1961, EP WB 5506)
(Make Me Cry)


Sylvie Vartan on an EP (1961) with the French Quand le filme est triste A big hit in France. Also used in the soundtrack of Jean-Luc Godard's 1964 movie Une femme mariée


and on the Italian SP release of Quand le filme est triste (RCA 1338, 1963) quite another picture of Sylvie.
The song was released almost simultaneously in 2 versions.
The version by the Lennon Sisters was reviewed in Billboard, Aug. 14, 1961. The reviewer wrote, "The young gals easily have their best single to date in this cute, bright waxing of the fine John Loudermilk tune. Smart arrangement helps, too. Watch this one."
The release by Sue Thompson was published in Billboard Aug. 21, 1961, one week later. The author of the review wrote, "This is the original version of the tune and a mighty good version it is. The lass sells it with feeling over good backing."
Sue's version of the song peaked at #5 th the Hot 100 in October 23, 1961. She had beaten the Lennon Sisters by far: that same week, the version of the Sisters reached its peak, it came no higher than #57.

The song was the start of the career of Sue Thompson as a teenage idol.
Though Sue was already a 35 years old country music veteran at the time, mother of a teenage kid and in her 3d marriage by then, her voice still sounded like an innocent teenager.


He said he had to work so I went to the show alone
They turned down the lights and turned the projector on
And just as the news of the world started to begin
I saw my darling and my best friend walk in

Though I was sitting there, they didn't see
And so they sat right down in front of me
And when he kissed her lips, I almost died
And in the middle of the colored cartoon, I started to cry
Oh, sad movies always make me cry (2x)

So I got up and slowly walked on home
And mama saw the tears and said, "what's wrong?"
And so to keep from telling her a lie
I just said sad movies make me cry
Oh, sad movies always make me cry...

©1961 Acuff-Rose Publ. Inc.
(source: Standard Songs, Acuff-Rose Pub. Inc. 1956-1973)

The song was a big seller in the Latin world. As "Filme Triste" in Brazil and "Quand le film est triste" in France.
Sylvie Vartan's French version was the #26 hit of the year 1962 in France and it started off Sylvies career as one of the most important yéyé-singers of the 1960s.

A French-Canadian cover by by Michèle Richard, singer and tv-star.


Danish version, En sørgelig film by 13-year-old Dorthe Larsen (she really looks 'sørgelig'). Dorthe later sang in Germany and today after 4 marriages still active and performing as Dorthe Kollo

Sakura Teng
The Chinese-Kantonese cover by Sakura Teng & the Quests, a popular 1960s group from Singapore. It was Sakura's debut record.

cover Indo-rocking girl Greetje Mona, born Greetje Bozelie in Tiel, Netherlands, covered the song for the Dutch and Belgian market on the Palette label. A good version, with an exotic touch of steel guitar. She also recorded as Gitta Mona a German version.
Gitta Mona

cover Swedish EP of Lil Malmkvist (younger sister of the popular singer Siw Malmkvist) with "Trist Story"

cover A later 1972 cover by Bob Smit (another indo singer) & Duke City Sextet, 'n Trieste Film, bears the mark of a Pierre 'Smurfing Father Abraham' Kartner production.

Prominent Dutch writer Boudewijn Buch (1948-2002) was a fan of rock and roll music, Everly's, Roy Orbison, and therefore also fan of Loudermilk:
Boudewijn Buch "John D. Loudermilk is voor mij een van de meest geniale liedjesschrijvers uit de jaren 60. De humor, het tienerleed, niets was zomaar een liedje. Voor mij is Sad Movies de ultieme tiener-lovesong [zingt met uithaal en grote snik het refrein] maar ook Jimmy's Song is van grote kwaliteit. Van mij mag hij met die heerlijke stem die liedjes allemaal zelf zingen"

  • Sue Thompson (Aug. 1961, Hickory 1153)
  • Lennon Sisters (Aug. 1961, Dot 16255)
  • Carol Deene (1961, HMV POP 922 UK)
  • Sylvie Vartan (Nov. 1961, RCA EP 76531, French version: "Quand le film est triste")
  • Pierrette Bruno (1961, EP Pathe 572, another "Quand le film est triste")
  • Towa Carson (1961, RCA 644, Swedish version "Trist story (utan lyckligt slut)")
  • Dorthe (1961, Triola TD 45-150, Danish version "En sørgelig film")
  • Lil Malmkvist (1961-62, EP Säterjäntans Lördag, another Swedish "Trist story")
  • Sherry Blake (1961-62, Budget cover EP JukeBox 4516, New Zealand Philips 338009 on a 45 in 1962)
  • Dany Fischer (Jan. 1962, EP Polydor 21805, again a French "Quand le film est triste", now in a 'male' version)
  • Greetje Mona (1961, Palette 40094, Dutch version "Ik moet altijd huilen om een trieste film")
  • Gitta Mona (=Greetje Mona) (1962, Palette 40118, version in German "Ich muß im Kino weinen")
  • Michèle Richard (1962, Meteor 318, "Quand le film est triste", Québécoise)
  • France Roger (another Québécoise "Quand le film est triste", weird musical arrangement)
  • Queta Garay (1962, EP, hit in Mexico: "Las Caricaturas me hacen Llorar")
  • The Peanuts (1962?, LP The Hit Parade Vol 2, Japanese version by popular twins Emi & Yumi Ito)
  • Sakura Teng (Columbia-EMI 557, Chinese version by Singapore pop singer)
  • Homer & Jethro (1962, LP At The Convention, parody "Bad Movies (Always Fracture Me)")
  • Floyd Cramer (Orchestral muzak version)
  • Trio Esperança (1962, Odeon 14811, "Filme Triste" giant hit in Brazil)
  • Demétrius (1963, Continental 78.212, another "Filme Triste")
  • Zé Fidelis (1963, Continental label, a Brazilian parody "Filme Besta" by famous comedian Fidelis)
  • Yeda Maria (1963, RCA, another Brazilian "Filme Triste")
  • Gloria Benavides (hit in Chile: "Las Películas Triste me Hacen Llorar")
  • Les 4 Cadillacs (1964, LP Les 4 Cadillacs, Brazilian first class studio musicians doing an instrumental version of the song, titled "Make Me Cry")
  • Franco's Orchestre OK Jazz (1966, BomaBango 2, French version by Africa's #1 musician Franco, sorcerer of the Congo guitar, vocals by Vicky Longomba and Michel Boyibanda)
  • Connie Craft (1966, CMC 745C-5224, Connie is probably the daughter of Dan Craft, owner of Arkansas' CMC label)
  • Fung Po Po (1966, EP Broadway FL-105, Hong Kong, sung in Chinese)
  • Gloria Crawford (1966, Doctor Bird 1057, a great Duke Reid rock steady production)
  • Cyndy Starr & Mopeds (ska, 1960s)
  • Yes Indeed (1967, Triola TD347, Denmark)
  • Lisa & the Stylers (LP Top Hits by Lisa & John, Singapore)
  • Vilma Santos (1971, LP Sweet Sweet Vilma, Philippine version, by child movie star)
  • Eva Vivar (1970s, Alpha 189, Philippine girl doing a swinging version)
  • Bob Smit en Duke City Sextet (1972, 11 Provinciën 83/6.666, tearjerking Dutch version "'n Trieste Film")
  • Barbara Jones (1972, Double B 6920, good Jamaican reggae version)
  • Sir Harry (1972, Double B 6920, dub version "Movies Version" on the B-side of Barbera Jones' release)
  • Martha Pannell (1972, Blake 2-256, USA)
  • Shawn (1974, MGM South 7033)
  • Lenore Somerset (1975, LP For Billy Joe)
  • Barbara Ray (1974, LP A Little Bit Country, Scottish born South African singer, RCA 102578 Australia single release)
  • Sueli (1976, another "Filme Triste" from Brazil on the Beverly label)
  • Cecilia Hong (1977, LP Carry On Till Tomorrow, Paloma Blanca, Asiatic album)
  • Rupert & Rolling Coins (LP At the Sonesta Beach Hotel and Golf Club, Carribean band)
  • Anne Kirkpatrick (1979, LP Shoot The Moon, version by Slim Dusty's daughter)
  • Phillip Fraser (1980, LP Loving You, reggae-dub interpretation)
  • Nathalie Simard (1980, LP Je n'aurais jamais dû partir, "Quand le film est triste")
  • Boney M (1981, LP Boonoonoonoos)
  • Renate Jayne (cassette Music Music Music, Victoria, Australia)
  • Cynthia Schloss (1982, ONIKA 12" disco single, coupled with Hugh Brown rapping "Yu Better Go")
  • Anita Sarawak (1982, LP Cinta Kilat, version in Malay "Lagak Orang Kaya")
  • 2 Belgen (1982, Antler 004, their debut 7", "Quand le film est triste"). A weird cover, Loudermilk's tune hard to make out, if present at all. One of these two Belgians, Rembert De Smet, registered the song as his own composition, though in fact he shamelessly used the French lyrics Georges Aber had written 20 years before for Sylvie Vartan's hit cover, and sticked them to a typical 1980s mechanised disco dance beat.
  • Priscilla Rollins (LP Volume 1, reggae from the Bahamas)
  • Audley Edden (1984, LP Sponger Moo, another one from the Bahamas)
  • Paul McCloud (1984, LP by Australian country neo-rocker)
  • Teamwork (1985, Homespun HS-093, Ireland)
  • Baby Jail (1987, translated the song in Swiss German dialect and had a minor radio hit)
  • Banda Jamaica (1987, LP Banda Jamaica, Brazil)
  • Ledward Kaapana & Ikona (1989, cd Still Pressin', Hawaiian version)
  • Wawa (1990, cd Wonderful Tonight, Japan)
  • Sandy & Junior (1994, "Filme Triste", another Brazilian cover)
  • Pam Hall (1998, cd Bet You Don't Know)
  • Terry Gajraj (1999, cd Sweet Love Songs 2, Guyana's (male) sweetheart)
  • Coral Chavez (2000, cd Lo Siento, "Las Caricaturas", Latin version)
  • Jolina Magdangal (2000, cd On Memory Lane, Phillipine popular actress/singer)
  • Mark Atuaia (2000, cd M.A. Versatile from the Isles, Hawaiian Reggae)
  • Joy Adams (cd Covers)
  • Amelia Lomu Likiliki (version from Tonga)
  • Dennis Marsh (New Zealand, modern country)
  • Maneenuch (cd Golden Memories 2, Maneenuch Smerasut, Thailand's top singer and dancer)
  • Richard Clayderman (2002, Golden Collection Volume 2, instrumental muzak)
  • Chico César (2001, cd Um Barzinho, Um violao, this cd attributes the song to "D. Laudermilk")
  • 2A2 (2001, cd 2A2, Filme Triste by Brazilian group)
  • Solanna (2002, cd Solanna, Hawaiian version)
  • Marie with Vaimutu String Band (2002, cd Rarotonga-Feelings, New Zealand)
  • Orchestra Sergio Presto (2003, cd Dancing With Boney M)
  • Alan O'Day (2003 WBCB Ronnie Allen Show, alternative lyrics "Sue Thompson (Always Make Me Smile)", song about the career of Sue)
  • RZO (2004, Brazilian hip-hop used 1 line of the song in their rap Filme Triste)
  • Laurelyn Carter (2004, cd In This Life, US Country)
  • La Chilindrina (2004, 3cd 60 Éxitos, Mexico, "Las Caricaturas me Hacen Llorar")
  • Susi & Fireballs (2005, cd Männer Gibt's Wie Sand Am Meer, German neo-rock)
  • Ray Knighton & Wanelle Collins (2005, cd Ray and Wanelle in Nashville)
  • Sula Miranda (2006, cd 30 Anos, Brazilian Filme Triste)
  • Lynne Toner (2007, 3-cd Kiwi Country Girls, New Zealand)
  • Rez Boyz (2008, cd Volume One)
  • Solanna (2002, cd Solanna, Hawaiian version)
  • Orca (2010, cd June, 8 minutes trip hop remix with I Told Every Little Star)
  • Bobby Farrell (2013, cd Bobby Farrell Performs Boney M Greatest Hits, version by Boney M's front man)
  • Deborah Allen (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
Original version by Dinning is a boring bel canto ballad.
Nellie Rutherford, a black singer from Tennessee, turned it into a soulful ballad. This was done again by Nina Simone, great laid-back version, later copied by Norah Jones.
Nina had changed the original lyrics quite a lot

Original Loudermilk lyrics:
Like a flower waiting to bloom
Like a light bulb in a dark room
I've been waiting for you to come back home
And turn me on

Like a puppy waiting to bay
Like a jukebox waiting to play
Like I'm waiting, so come on home
And turn me on

My poor heart, it's been so dark
Since you, since you up and said goodbye
Lord, I don't eat, I can't sleep
I just sit here, I just sit here, and I cry

Like the moonlight turns on the tides
Like the sunset turns on the stars
I'm here a-waiting, oh, come on home
And turn me on

Changed by Nina Simone into:
Like a flower waiting to bloom
Like a light bulb in a dark room
I'm here waiting for you to come on home
And turn me on

Like the desert waiting for rain
Like a school kid waiting for spring
I'm sitting here waiting for you to come on back home
And turn me on

My poor heart, it's been so dark
Since you've been gone
After all, you're the one who turned me off
Now you're the only one who can turn me back on.

My hi-fi's waiting for a new tune
And my glass is waiting for some fresh ice-cubes.
I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come home
And turn me on

Norah Jones world-hit version inspired many covers of the song after year 2000.

Also exists some obscure Scandinavian sixties cover of the song: Gör Mig Het. Any info...?
  • Mark Dinning (Jul. 1961, MGM 13024)
  • Nellie Rutherford (Apr. 1962, Hickory 1172)
  • Nina Simone (1967, LP Silk & Soul, UK-release on a 45 in 1970, RCA 1961)
  • Norah Jones (2000, cd Come Away With Me)
  • The Revelators (2000, cd The Adventures of the Amazing Revelators)
  • Robinella (2001, cd No Saint, No Prize)
  • Jan Preston (cd The Piano Has The Blues, New Zealand's 'Queen of Boogie Piano')
  • Rhythm & Blue (2003, cd Adios Kansas, a Duke Univ NC a-cappella group)
  • First Ladies of Jazz (2003, cd A Tribute to Norah Jones)
  • Janelle Lauer (2003, cd Live at Liars)
  • Margaret Stewart (2003, cd Alright, Okay, You Win)
  • David Hughes, Tom Tally, Richard Dodd, Ruth Bruegger, Jean Sudbury, Chad Wright (2003, cd The String Quartet Tribute to Norah Jones, terrible instrumental muzak version)
  • Ruthie Foster (2004, cd Stages, good Texas blues version)
  • Eugenia Méndez (2004, cd Embrase-moi, as Tu m'embrases (I would think correct French should be 'embrasses'), French lyrics sung by jazzy Venezuelan lady)
  • Sharon Burton (2004, cd The Music of Norah Jones, low budget cover cd)
  • Patreece DeArmond (2005, Pete Verbois home made recording)
  • Tamerlane feat. Marek Sosnicki (2005, mini-cd Live Session, Poland)
  • Connie Rouse (2005,cd A Love Like This)
  • Jane Hart (2006, cd Sunny Side of the Street)
  • Chili Chicks (2007, cd Chili Chicks, C&W by 3 Austrian girls)
  • Bossa Norah (2007, cd The Bossa Nova Tribute to Norah Jones)
  • Deni Hines & James Morrison (2007, cd The Other Woman, Australia)
  • Sue Nixon & Leo Raymundo Quartet (2007, cd Moonglow)
  • Lorna Reid (2008, cd Gypsy In My Soul)
  • Lauren Barnett (2008, cd Sweet 'n Hot)
  • Christian Pschorr (2008, cd Smile)
  • Take It Slo (2008, cd Cal poly a cappella)
  • The Karvasales (2008, cd Together, Classics, Originals and More)
  • The Popettes (2009, cd Back to Back: Norah Jones & Katie Melua)
  • Union of Sound (2009, cd Music from Love Actually)
  • Bob Leon (2009, cd Norah Jones Instrumental Hits, piano version)
  • Jaziel Vaugh'hann (2010, cd Heaven Only Knows)
  • Maureen Washington (2010, cd Blues in the Night)
  • Tanya McCole (2010, cd Love, Hate & The Blues)
  • The TallBoys Band (2010, cd Somewhere in Mexico)
  • Diana Counce (2011, Single)
  • Rick Smith (2011, Who Knows Where The Time Goes?)
  • Brennan Villines Trio (2011, EP Brennan Villines Trio)
  • Audio Idols (2011, cd Sunday Morning: The Perfect Lie In)
  • Connie G (2011, cd Old, New, Borrowed and Blue)
  • Banana Jazztrio (2011, cd One And One And One Is Three, Germany)
  • Susan Wylde (2011, cd In The Light, Canada)
  • Connie Rouse (2011, cd A Love Like This)
  • Starr Kalahiki (2011, cd Salt)
  • The Original Caste (2011, cd Steppin' Out)
  • Step In My Groove (2011, cd Just the Two of Us: R&B)
  • Amanda Steer (2012, cd Mad World)
  • Jacqueline Jax (2012, cd P.S. I Love You)
  • Joe Crow Ryan (2012, cd This Machine Kills Purists Part III, Part 1: No More Ironing)
  • Chloé (2012, cd Chloé)
  • Phase5 (2012, cd Phase5)
  • Soul Phenomenon (2012, cd Sunday Morning Soul)
  • Nataliya Kovalyova (2012, cd I Miss You So)
  • Suzy Dalton (2012, cd La Vie En Rose)
  • MIKA (2012, EP Coffeeshop Lullabies)
  • Meshell Ndegeocello (2012, cd Pour une âme souveraine, a dedication to Nina Simone)
  • Jim Guthrie (2013, cd Takes Time)
  • The Vernon Sisters (2013, cd The Vernon Sisters' Productions)
  • Ché & Charlie (2013, cd The Chill Playlist)
  • Sharon Carroll & Company (2013, cd Live at Backstage Pass)
  • Silvia Fusè & Power 4et (2013, cd The Studio Sessions)
  • Darren Percival (2014, cd Lovelife)
  • Susan Wylde (2014, cd Simply Complex)
  • Beth Hooker (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
(He's My) Dreamboat

Dreamboat/Hollywood Dreamboat/Hollywood Dreamboat/Hollywood Double sided hit, release all over the world; left Belgium release, middle Norway, right Japan
Lyrics of Hollywood

Connie also recorded a song Traumboot (=German for Dreamboat), but that song is no Loudermilk cover but an original German Charly Niessen composition.

←Peter Niemann recorded a version of Hollywood in German language (text Siegel)

  • Connie Francis (Sep. 1961, MGM 13039)
  • Jane Davis (Oct. 1961, Cowtown 810, USA)
  • Lita Roza (1963, Ember 168, UK lady)

US picture sleeve release;

US #14 pop hit
  • Connie Francis (Sep. 1961, MGM 13039)
  • Peter Niemann (1961, Telefunken 55395, German version)
Ma Baker's Little Acre
First version by Norris Wilson was released as "Ma Baker's Island".
  • Norris Wilson (Oct. 1961, Monument 453)
  • John D. Loudermilk (1966, LP Sings a Bizarre Collection)
  • John D. Loudermilk (1971, LP Elloree, WB version)
Rocks of Reno
Song was released on a 45 in Germany as the B-side of JDL's Google Eye (RCA 47-8530)
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love)
  • Bob Luman (Jan. 1962, WB 5255)
What Would You Take For Me?
Lyrics include a reference to Elvis' Graceland
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love)
In A Matter Of Moments
EP Louise Cordet Mark Dinning's original charted #8 in Hong Kong, Apr. 1962.

Good cover by Louise Cordet, an ex-convent schoolgirl and related to Prince Philip. Louise toured with the Beatles in 1962. Her version was the B-side of her hit I'm Just A Baby that charted #13 in the UK. Cordet's single was also released in the US (London 9568, Sep. 1962). Pic left: France EP release Decca 454089

  • Mark Dinning (Dec. 1961, MGM 13048)
  • Louise Cordet (1962, Decca F11476 UK)
Jimmy's Song
(Jimmie's Song)
The original lyrics spell it Jimmy's song, the LP release Jimmie's song
  • John D. Loudermilk (Oct. 1961, LP Language of Love)
  • Tommy Sands with The Jordanaires (Nov. 1961, Capitol 4660)
  • Clem Croft (Nov. 1968, Clarion MCK-2668, Australia)
Love Is A Dangerous Thing
Fast, swinging song (lyrics) with a lot of doo-woppin' pa-pa-depa-pa-pom by Melson who is best known as co-writer for Roy Orbison
  • Joe Melson (Jun. 1962, Hickory 1175)
Madam Rosy
Song about a fortune teller:
Madam Rosy with the crystal ball, I saw your sign outside, it said you knew it all... etc
probably unreleased
Sheet music Teen hit all over the world. Sue scored #1 in New Zealand, #5 in Australa, #2 in The Netherlands, #4 in Belgium, #10 in Denmark, cover version by Dany Mann (#14, Germany) and Mayté's version El Gran Tomas (#1, Mexico)

Sue Thompson was told by Phil Everly that he did it originally as "Norma" but it never got off the ground. Sue: "I first did not want to record it, my delivery was real slow at that time, and I thought, I can't sing that fast song. But they talked me into it and I loved it afterwards of course."
It was Sue's biggest hit, follow up to Sad Movies, and peaked #3 in Billboard's Hot 100..


In 2002 a 'male' version of the song was recorded by rock cult band NRBQ. The boys knew the song from the Sue Thompson version and changed the title into 'Norma', singing 'Only girl I love to kiss, is my baby Norma' where Sue sang 'There's a dress that I've got to sew and wear for Norman', etc.
The band was amazed to hear they unconscious used the song title JDL original had had in mind.

The song inspired a number of fun versions. In 1966 Australian Donna Gaye recorded it as "Normie", an ode to Normie Rowe, Aussie's teen favourite at the time. Lyrics changed a little here and there with references to Tony (Worsley), Peter (Doyle) and Mike (Furber), other competing Australian singers. The first released batch misprinted a "Mills/Loudermilk" co-authorship on the label.
In Spanish a comic version "Tomas" was a hit record and there was a Danish disco parody by Diskofil and a Dutch version about "Normen & waarden", ridiculising the christian-conservative political theme of Fortuyn and Balkenende.

Anita Lindblom Helle Wilke
European sixties covers: left Sweden (as "Charlie") by Anita Lindblom, right Denmark also "Charlie" by Helle Wilke
Arielle Anne Gacoin
2 French covers (as "Gontran"), left Arielle and right actress/ singer Anne Gacoin
Norman Maine Danny Mann
France: brass band instrumental by Norman Maine's Orchestra on his Madison Twist EP, Germany's version by Dany Mann (just "Norman")
cover cover
Another "Charlie" from Denmark, Bente Merete and "Il Mio Norman" by Milva on an Italian EP
Instrumental polka accordeon version, great conjunto music from local Sam Benito, TX label, early sixties
European release by 'Sandy Lynn', probably a fictional singer's name, a name used on American budget releases; the record came in picture sleeve on the Italian X-label, on the B of her cover of Brenda Lee's Break It To Me Gently; no American release by 'Sandy Lynn' yet found, on the B of Sandy's US budget release of "Break it..." was another singer's name

  • Sue Thompson (Nov. 1961, Hickory 1159)
  • Carol Deene (1962, HMV POP 973, UK #24 hit)
  • Mayté Gaos y Conjunto (1962, RCA 76-1421, "El Gran Tomas", #1 hit)
  • Ginette Sage (1962, Apex 13245, French (Canadian) cover "Normand")
  • France Roger (another Québécoise "Normand")
  • Anne Gacoin (March 1962 EP Decca 451.117, another French cover "Gontran")
  • Arielle (Sept. 1962, EP Barclay 70449, another "Gontran")
  • Norman Maine & Orch. (1962, EP Madison Twist Fontana 460.831, France, orchestral instrumental)
  • Dany Mann (1962, Electrola 22082, German version, #14 hit in Germany)
  • Wenche Myhre (1962, Triola 281, as "Normann", cover in Norway)
  • Willeke Alberti (Mar. 1962, PF 318692, Dutch hit version)
  • Willeke Alberti (Apr. 1962, PF 318713, version in German)
  • Gonnie Baars (Apr. 1962, Artone 25131, another Dutch cover)
  • Helen Reeves (1962, Discofoon 3510, budget label cover, Holland)
  • The 3 Jacksons (1962, Philips 318 799, part of their "Accordeon Potpourri No 50")
  • Anita Lindblom (1962, Fontana 271204, Swedish version "Charlie")
  • Helle Wilke (1962, Triola 137, in Danish as "Charlie")
  • Bente Merete (1962, RCA 45-1075, in Danish as "Charlie")
  • Ann Sue (1962, Teeny 165, Belgium budget release, Ann Sue probably being a fantasy name)
  • Kim Krueger w. Bob Paris Quartet(1962, La Gloria GSP-053, New Zealand)
  • Tony de la Rosa (Ideal 1960, instrumental tex-mex polka version on local Houston label)
  • Gloria Benavides (Chilean cover, she sings it in English)
  • Wander Lee (1962, Musidisc CS-6, Brazilian cover, "Norman" in Portuguese by girl singer Wanderly Regina, backed up by the swinging Ed Lincoln combo)
  • Poly (1962, Continental label, instrumental cover by successful Brazilian steel guitarist/ band leader)
  • Tuulevi Mattila (1962, Philips 340579, cover in Finnish)
  • Rauni Pekkala (1962, Broadway 122, Finnish)
  • Jolly Land (±1962, Argentina)
  • Quique Roca Su Conjunto Müsico Vocal Y Claudia (1962, Hispavox HH 17-218, Spanish "El Gran Tomás")
  • [no artist on the label] (1962, EP Song Hits 18, EP Bravo 201, two US budget releases)
  • Sandy Lynn (1962, X-2013, Italian release of US budget recording)
  • Albert Vossen Akkordeon und sein Orchester (1963, EP Top-Hits 5, Electrola 22309, Germany instrumental in potpourri)
  • Milva (1963, Cetra 1203, as "Il Mio Norman", Italian version)
  • Donna Gaye (1966, Kommotion 1314, hit in Australia, titled "Norman-Normie")
  • Del Wood (1966, LP Upright Low Down And Honky Tonk, honky tonk piano instrumental)
  • Danny Davis & Nashville Brass (1971, LP Super Country, instrumental version)
  • Maureen Elkner and Normie (1975, M7 111, as "Normie", B-side of Australian hit "Rak Off Normie!")
  • 'Bobbi' Klein and The Gang Band (1976, Slipped Disco SB 4501, US disco)
  • Barbara Lee (45 rpm on Emerald 3309, a Nashville label)
  • Bjørn & Okay (1979, LP Live i Aften, in Danish now entitled "Susan")
  • Cepillin (1980±Spanish: "Tomas")
  • Rita Deneve (1982±, Panky 65, Belgium (song in English))
  • De Schippersband (1982, LP, Dutch oom-pah-pah band)
  • Ellis (1983, Polydor 811780-7, Dutch translated cover)
  • Peter Vesth (1990, cd Min Lille Stamcafe, Danish version "Normænd")
  • La Onda Vaselina (1993, cd La Banda Rock, as "Tomas")
  • VOS (1993, cd VOS, as "Herman Min Skat" by 4 Danish ladies singing close harmony)
  • Banda Parranda (1994, cd Y no le pares parranda, as "Tomas")
  • Kwik Bacchus Band (1994, cd 15 Jaar Feest, instrumental 'dweilorkest' (=carnival oompah-band) version)
  • Diskofil (1995, cd single as "Åge" a Danish disco parody, a big hit)
  • Susan Maughan (1997, cd Bobby's Girl, prev. unreleased 1960s, an overdone, over-arranged version)
  • Lecia & Lucienne (1998, cd Sister To Sister, Denmark)
  • Joke de Kruijf (1998, cd Grease & Others, musical soundtrack)
  • Wendy con el grupo Sorpresa musical (2001, cd Concertos para Enamorados, "El gran Tomas")
  • NRBQ (2002, cd Atsa My Band, as "Norma"!)
  • Big Lou (2003, cd Polka Casserole)
  • LynnMarie (2003, cd LynnMarie & Boxhounds, another polka flavored cover)
  • JP & Liefdadigers (2004, cd single "Normen", also as release by Bob Fosko on a political box set "Hier is de SP, Kijk en luister" in 2008)
  • La Chilindrina (2004, 3cd 60Éxitos, Mexico, "El Gran Tomás")
  • Ginny (2007, cd El reino del Revés, as "El gran Tomas")
  • Beto Diaz (2008, cd Caravana, instrumental as "El gran Tomas")
  • Smashlouse (2010, cd Hits of my year of birth 1962)
  • Imperial Phiharmonic Orchestra (2010, cd Simplemente Infantilissimo as "El gran Tomas")
  • Banda los Escamilla (2011, cd Exitos con Banda, instrumental as "El gran Tomas")
  • Los 4 Texanos (2015, cd Polka, Huapangos y Shottis, instrumental as "El gran Tomas")
If The Boy Only Knew
Release climbed no higher than #112 bubbling under Hot 100
  • Sue Thompson (Jun. 1962, Hickory 1174)
No Lana
Song written and recorded in 1962, but it took 4 years to be released
  • Sonny James (1966, LP Young Love & Other Songs Of Love)
Belonging To You
Add in Billboard's Apr. 28, 1962 edition, Belonging To You as B-side of Big River Rose, a Boudleaux & Felice Bryant song
  • Bob Luman (Apr. 1962, WB 5272)
I Can't Hold Your Letters
(In My Arms)
Good up-tempo country song. Tommy Zang (his real name) was a charming singer from Kansas City, with an incredible voice. Tommy had some minor successes but failed to get the big break he deserved. He died ±2000
  • Tommy Zang (Apr. 1962, Hickory 1165)
  • Jack Scott (Jul. 1962, Capitol 4796)
  • Jill Thomas (1962, HMV-45 rpm, New Zealand singer backed-up by the Blockbusters)
One of Loudermilk most interpreted and performed songs.

The song was written in January 1962.
Loudermilk remembers about first recording the song on dub with Don Gant and Norro Wilson: "Now it was Don Gant who suggested: John, you need to repeat that line 'then it don't work out, then it don't work out...'. And that was a good idea, it sounded good, it was a little hook, you know."

Don Cherry ←First release was in Feb. 1962 by Don Cherry on the Verve label, a subsidiary label of MGM. Billboard did not think much of it: mentioned in the section "moderate sales potential", without any review comment added. The 45 did not sell.

This Don Cherry is not the famous jazz performer, but a crooner who had a 1956 million seller with "Band of Gold" (not the Freda Payne song) and became a professional golf player in 1962. He golfed his way into the top 10 US open and had a career of 30 holes-in-one.
At the age of 80, Don still plays golf and performs as a singer.

Loudermilk's first release of the song was on a South African 45 (RCA-657), where it was intended to be a follow-up to JDL's local chart success Blue Train. This version was with strings orchestration and Anita Kerr chorus backing. In the US the version with Kerr and strings was released in 1965 as B-side of That Ain't All (RCA 47-8579) .
Later a superb version was recorded by Loudermilk for his 1967 Suburban Attitudes' album. A strong and simple version, strings, orchestration and chorus singers omitted, just John D. in a relaxed, acoustic version.

LP ←Second American release is the cover by Johnny Tillotson on his 1964 album, recorded as a country song.

Johnny Nash then picked it up for his 45 release on Argo. That record was a local break out all over the US: charted #24 at KFXM, San Bernardino, CA, Top 15 WMOZ Mobile, AL, Top 10 KGFJ Los Angeles and was played a lot on radio: in WXOK Baton Rouge, LA, WLAC Nashville, a breakout in WABQ Cleveland, WELE Daytona Beach FLA., WHIH Norfolk VA., KCAC Phoenix, WIBB Macon-Atlanta and was Chatty Hatty's pick at WGIV, Charlotte NC.
Despite all the airplay, Johnny Nash' version did not chart nationally.

cover Sheet music for the early Australian and UK-release in 1965 by Australian Patsy Ann Noble. She came from a musical family: father a well known comedian/ singer, mother a choreographer. Patsy delivered a tasty version, with soulful organ and chorus.

cover Another early release was by Sandy Mason. She was born 1939 in Tarentum, PA, started off as a ventriloquist and worked in New York, composed award winning jingles for Coca-Cola and worked in Nashville, composing, recording and performing. Amongst her 45-rpm releases were three Loudermilk penned songs. In 1965 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye was on the B-side of Terry (see left Billboard's full page advertisement). In 1966 she released Loudermilk's the Worst Mistake and a year later Give Me A Sweetheart. None of her recordings became chart hits. But her song "When I Dream" became a top 10 hit by Crystal Gayle, and her co-written "Two Pina Coladas" was a Garth Brooks #1-hit. Other songs of her were recorded by George Jones, Marianne Faithfull, John Prine, Don Williams, Petula Clark and Johnny Cash.

The song finally was made a US-hit in 1967 by the Casinos, who had heard the version of Johnny Nash on the radio. Their version was a sugar-sweet castrate belcanto of lead-singer Hughes drowning in a pool of orchestral arrangements. And it was this recording that finally appealed to American taste and made it big on the charts. Afterwards even worse versions were cut by all sorts of crooners.

Casinos Casinos
Cover of the 1967 Casinos LP on the Fraternity label and Dutch sleeve of the 45

TobyBeau cover
Picture cover release by Toby Beau (Cashbox #68 hit in 1979) and a Mexican release from 1968 by Los Blue Angels, who sang it as Despues me dices adios.

Kiss me each morning for a million years
Hold me each evening by your side
Tell me you love me for a million years
Then if it don't work out
Then if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss
Soften my dreams with your sigh
After you've loved me for a million years
Then if it don't work out
Then if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

If you must go I won't grieve
If you just wait a life-time before you leave
If you must go I won't say "no"
Just so we can say that we tried

Tell me you love me for a million years
Then if it don't work out
Then if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

©1962 Acuff-Rose Publ Inc.
source: Standard Songs Pop/ Country/ Blues/ Folk/ Instumentals/ Novelty, Acuff-Rose Publications Inc. 1956-1973)

Below: in a 2013 Viva NashVegas radioshow, Carol A. Turney with George Hamilton V on guitar
  • Don Cherry (Feb. 1962, Verve 10270)
  • John D. Loudermilk (1963 RCA 41657 (South Africa), 1965 RCA 8579 (US))
  • Johnny Tillotson (Aug. 1964, LP Tillotson Touch)
  • Johnny Nash (Sept. 1964, Argo 5479)
  • Patsy Ann Noble (1965, Columbia 4560 Australia, Col 7472 UK)
  • Sandy Mason (Oct. 1965, MGM 13393)
  • Al Martino (1965, LP We Could)
  • Lisa Spencer (1965, LP Look out for Lisa, South Africa)
  • The Staccatos (1966, PYE PY69, South African group with Steve Lonsdale)
  • The Casinos (1967, Fraternity 977, #6 pophit)
  • Jalopy Five (1967, Hit Records 283, in fact Bobby Russell recording for Nashville budget label!)
  • Frank Ifield (Nov. 1967, Hickory 1486)
  • William Bell (1967, LP Stax SRAX719)
  • Lawrence Welk (1967, Dot 17001)
  • Lou Rawls (1967, LP Too Much!)
  • Andy Williams (1967, LP Born Free)
  • The Spiffys (1967, LP US Naval Academy)
  • David Garrick (1967, LP Don't Go Out Into The Rain)
  • The Generation Combo (1967, LP Meet The Generation Combo)
  • Paco Cañedo (1967, LP on Eco 616, as "Escribe Pronto" Mexican cover)
  • Samuel (1967, Carrousel CR-25, as "Tu Pourras Me Dire Adieu", French-Canadian)
  • Martha y Los Ventura (1968, CBS 577, another Mexican cover "Puedes decirme adiós")
  • Little Joe & the Latinaires (1968, LP Unbeatable!, Tejano music from Texas)
  • Eddy Arnold (1968, RCA 9606)
  • Billy Vera (1968, LP With Pen In Hand)
  • Solomon Burke (1968, LP I Wish I Knew)
  • Anita Ortez (1968, LP Catch The Wind, Canada)
  • Pete Williams (1968, LP Songs You Wrote Requesting, Pete had a C&W show on WRGB-tv in NY)
  • Los Blue Angels (1968, EP RCA MKA-1028, Mexican version: "Despues Me Dices Adios")
  • The Bye-Laws (1968, PYE 7N 1748, Ireland)
  • The Ray Charles Singers (1968, Command 4103)
  • The Red Dogs (1968, cd Live at The Red Dog Inn 1968, Kansas garage band)
  • The Coconuts (LP Palmares des vacances, French West-Indies)
  • Bettye Swann (1969, LP The Soul View Now!)
  • Jack Greene (1969, LP Until My Dreams Come True)
  • Billy Vaughn Orchestra (1969, LP Nashville Saxophones)
  • The 5th Dimension (1960s, prev. unreleased, cd Ultimate Collection)
  • Stan Hitchcock (1969, LP Honey I'm Home)
  • Bobby Hutton (1969, Philips 40601, soul, not the Black Panther martyr; don't know why, but this 45 is often being sold for ridiculous prices at eBay, $150 and more, though it isn't rare -being offered a few times a year-, it seems to be a Northern-soul collectors item...)
  • Cornelia (1969, RCA 42103, South African cover)
  • Les Cavaliers de l'Est (1969, LP Chansons Western Vol. 2, from Quebec, as "Tu Pourras Me Dire Adieu")
  • Bil Medley (1969, LP Soft and Soulful)
  • James Brown (1969, LP Say It Loud I'm Black And I'm Proud, in a medley with (appropriate!) "Don't play that song, don't play t no more")
  • Gene Rondo (1969, Down Town 431, good juicy reggae version)
  • Joe White & Fugitives (1969, GayFeet 7109, another Jamaican "If It Don't Work Out")
  • Pat Kelly (1969, GAS 125, reggae hit version, label title on the UK 45rpm "If It Dont Work Out" by "Pat Kelley" (sic!) )
  • Jackie Mittoo (1970, Coxsone 7" Jamaica, reggae instrumental organ version titled "Gold Mine")
  • Jeff Barnes (1970, Jackpot 758, as "Work Out" a funny talk over record over the Pat Kelly hit)
  • Arthur Prysock (1970, LP Fly My Love, warm dark-brown voiced crooner)
  • Dennis Alcapone (1971, LP Guns Don't Argue, good Bunny Striker Lee product, "If It Don't Work Out")
  • Jiří Vašíček (Czech crooner with Gustava Broma Orch., as "Ma s tatou kriz")
  • Ace Cannon (1975, LP The Very Best)
  • Glen Campbell (1970, Capitol 4245, C&W #4, medley coupled with Don't Pull Your Love)
  • Otis Waygood Band (1970, Decca F13760, Rhodesian band with a UK released 45 rpm)
  • The Buckinghams (cd Everlasting Love (Sessions))
  • Danny White (1970, Grand Prix 4 45 rpm, by Dallas Cowboys' quarterback)
  • Barbara Lynn (cd Crazy Cajun Recordings, early 1970s recording)
  • The Mohawks (1971, Pama 324, UK Reggae)
  • The Thirteenth Amendment (1971, Whit 6910)
  • Sten Nilsson & Stanleys Kör Och Orkester (1971, LP Nu, "Vi Måste Vakna", Sweden)
  • Slim Smith (1972, GreenDoor 4058, another reggae "If It Dont Work Out", Slim used the same backing track as Pat Kelly did in 1969)
  • Mack Allen Smith (1972, LP Saturday Night With Mark Allen & Flames)
  • Hank Williams Jr & Lois Johnson (1972, LP Send Me Some Lovin')
  • Gene and Debbe (Jul. 1972, Hickory 1643)
  • Norman Veal & the Thirteenth Amendment (Jun. 1972, WHIT 6910)
  • Maurice Ward (1973, Lashawn 009, by WRAP deejay a.k.a The East Coast Rapper)
  • John Holt (1974, LP A Love I Can Feel, as "If It Don't Work Out", smooth Reggae)
  • Perry Como (1975, LP Just Out Of Reach)
  • Freddy Fender (1975, LP Before The Next Teardrop Falls), Freddy also sang it as "Entonces Me Dices Adios"
  • Nancy Tabb Marcantel (1975, LP Ma Louisiane, bayou-French version Et puis tu peux me dire adieu)
  • Wolfman Jack (1975, LP Fun & Romance, Wolfman Jack sings..., a duet with Merry Clayton)
  • Bobby Rydell (on div compilation cd's)
  • Dora Hall (LP The Country Hits Series 2)
  • Gene Hughes (1975, King 2002, former Casinos lead singer doing it again)
  • Johnny Clarke (1975, Micron 2408, another "If It Don.t Work Out" shufflin' reggae")
  • Los Metros (1976, Sultana CM-278, Mexico, as "Solo Un Adios")
  • The Emery's (1977, Clifton 19, Doo-wop)
  • Jessye Roux (1977, LP His Memory's All Around)
  • Roman Stewart (1978, Harrie J Records 809, as "If It Don't Work Out", Jamaican disco 12 inch)
  • Honey Boy (1978, Collette 100, "If It Don't Work Out", composer spelled Louder Milk)
  • Sammi Smith (1978, LP New Winds, All Quadrants)
  • Soft Thunder (LP Soft Thunder)
  • Jake Verden (1978, LP Doin' What I Like Doin', UK)
  • David Simmons (1978, LP Hear Me Out, soul)
  • The Manhattans (1978, LP There's No Good In Goodbye)
  • Toby Beau (1979, RCA 11670)
  • Sal Anthony & Du Wop Shop (1980, Sal-James Records 1)
  • Jim Ritchey (on a 45 rpm)
  • Taffy McElroy (1981, MCA 51160)
  • Victor Tavares (1981, Polydor 2095-386 (Belgium), former Tavares singer)
  • Darlene Austin (Aug. 1982, Myrtle Rec. 1003)
  • Mark Thomsen (1982, LP New Beginning)
  • Fork in the Road (1982, Silversand 1082. USA 7 inch)
  • The Blues Boys (1980s, LP Greatest Hits Vol 1, New Orleans all star band backing up mayor Aaron Broussard of Kenner, LA)
  • Oscar Perry (1983, Red Sun Records 10-113, cajun blues)
  • Mickey Gilley (1983, LP You've Really Got A Hold On Me)
  • Van Broussard (1960s?, cd Bayou Boogie Fever)
  • Tracy (Huang) (1986, LP Paradise In My Heart)
  • Da Nuuanu Brothers (1986, LP One Million, You, Hawaii)
  • Johnny Mathis (1989 cd In The Still Of The Night)
  • Fern K. White (1990, Clouds CLS 017, 12" single)
  • Ruiqi Wang (1991, cd Why Are We Still Strangers, probably a Chinese product)
  • Wes Homner (1992, cd New York Nights & Tennessee Dreams)
  • Maria McKee & Lone Justice (1993, cd A Collection of Rarities 1992-96)
  • Susan (Jacobsen) (1994, cd Timeless)
  • Jimmy Riley (1995, Heavy Beat HEA 0035, Jamaica, as "If It Don't Work Out")
  • We B-50 (1995, cd WE-B 50)
  • Neal McCoy (1996, Atlantic 70535, top 10 hit)
  • Joe Bean Esposito (1996, cd Treated and Released)
  • Dean Chance K. (1996, cd Tonight)
  • Robbie Cumming (1997, cd Wild Geese, UK country)
  • David Hasselhoff (1997, cd Hooked On A Feeling)
  • Daniel O'Donnell (1998, cd Love Songs, Irish clean cut crooner)
  • Holiday Band (1999, cd Shotgun Boogie, tasty soulful version with Whiter-Shade-of-Pale organ)
  • The Fabulous Hupcaps (1999, cd Silver Anniversary)
  • Donny Gerrard (1999, cd The Romantic, ex-Skylark singer)
  • Streetside (1999, cd HAPP-E-2-C-U-A-GINN, US acapella doo-wop group)
  • Chicory Tip (2000, cd Chicory Tip in 2000, reunion of the 1970s UK teeny bopper band)
  • Bruce Caldwell (2000, cd Evening Songs, sax instrumental)
  • Dobie Gray (2000, cd Soul Days)
  • Ian Griffin (cd In the Penny Arcade, from Wales)
  • The Attractions (NC Showband)
  • Doc Scanlon's Rhythm Boys (2000, cd Rumble Seat)
  • The Wolf River Band (2001, cd From Pow Wows To Honky Tonks, native American country)
  • Rhodes Tavern Troubadours (2001, cd Americana Motel)
  • Phil Edwards (2001, cd Wild and Free, France retro rocker)
  • Bill McIntosh (2001, cd Solid Gold Sax)
  • Johnny Rivers (2001, cd Last Train To Memphis, with a parlando)
  • Joe Barbieri (2002, cd Times Revisited, Italy)
  • Buddy Jewell (2003, cd Nashville Star)
  • Dennis Caplinger (2003, cd Pickin' On Buddy Jewell, instrumental blue grass)
  • The Manfreds (2003, cd Uncovered, British 1960s beat veterans still recording after 40 years)
  • John Lacey (cd Northern Steel, steel guitar sampler, voc Anita Perras)
  • Anita Perres (2004, cd Think Again, Canada)
  • Peter Gallagher (2005, cd 7 Days In Memphis, TV-actor doing a good cover)
  • Doc Abbick (2005, cd Sing To Live... Live To Sing)
  • David Wright (2005, cd Croon, Cry & Testify)
  • Joey Welz (2005, cd Bring Back That Old Feelin')
  • Silver Trevino & the Tex Mex Kings (2006, cd Una Familia del Valle)
  • Davis Broadley (2006, cd Baby Blue, New Zealand country singer active in UK)
  • Doreen Schaffer (2006, on a Jamaican Striker Lee 7-inch, as If It Don't Work Out)
  • Jill Whitmore (2006, cd Metamorphosis)
  • The Drastics (2006, 2cd Chicago Massive, US dub-reggae)
  • Louisiana's Douxrag (2006, cd Sawdust & Hardwood Floors)
  • Jimmy Wheeler & Snake Atkinson (2006, cd Wheeler and Snake)
  • Yester, Belland & Somerville (2006, cd Triple Gold - The original Lead Singers of The Association, The Four Preps & The Diamonds)
  • Dave Emery (cd Classic Country from Branson MO)
  • Don Wallace (2007, cd Texas Dance Hall Memories)
  • Frankie Valli (2007, cd Romancing the '60s)
  • The Radiants (2007, cd Guam Bud World Party, in a medley coupled with For Your Love)
  • Those Gals (2007, cd So Far So Good, 3 Australian ladies)
  • Harbor Lights (2007, cd Absolutely Acappella)
  • The Puddle (2007, cd No Love - No Hate, New Zealand)
  • Al Capps Orchestra (2007, cd Great Easy-Listening Hits Of The '60s)
  • Miss Birdie Lee (2007, cd In Focus)
  • Distillery Dave (2007, cd Contemporary Country Classics Vol. 3)
  • Jerry Watkins & The Epics (2007, cd Memories)
  • Diane Marino feat. Houston Person (2008, cd Just Groovin', jazz version)
  • The Buicks (2008, cd Same Ole Moon, Philly Soul)
  • Royal Wade Kimes (2008, cd Hats Off, A Tribute To Eddy Arnold)
  • The Vigilantes (2008, cd What's The Reason, patriotic American band)
  • The Lawmen (2008, cd Sand in my Shoes)
  • The Renditions (2008, cd Misadventures in Harmony)
  • Laura B & Moonlighters (2009, cd Jump and Shout, exciting UK neo-soul)
  • The Sea Cruisers (2009, cd The Sea Cruisers)
  • Jimmy C (2009, cd Reunion)
  • Rob Foenander (2009, cd By Request)
  • Leela James (2010, cd My Soul, her song "Tell Me You Love Me" starts off with a fragment of the JDL-song)
  • John McNicholl (2010, cd Someone Like You)
  • The New Iberians Zydeco Blues Band (2011, cd Stumptown Zydeco, as If It Don't Work Out)
  • Dennis Dorrity Jr. (2011, cd Records Were Meant to Be Played)
  • Rocky Crook (2011, cd Krystal)
  • High Street (2011, cd Decades)
  • The Duprees (2011, cd Great Songs of Our Time)
  • Larry Chance & the Earls (2011, cd Livin' For The Good Times)
  • Joss Stone (2012, cd The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2)
  • Lloyd Brown (2012, cd 30, reggae)
  • Gary Bernardini (2012, cd Things We Said)
  • Cruzin Gold (2012, cd Peanuts)
  • Steven Chera (2012, cd New York State of Mind)
  • Edsilia Rombley (2013, cd Sweet Soul Music)
  • The Magic Time Travelers (2013, cd 50 Doo-Wop Hits)
  • Billy Joyce (2014, cd From the Heart)
  • Terry Lawrence (2014, single iTunes)
  • Sheila Laureta (2014, cd Awakening of a Rose)
  • Patti Page (2014, cd From Nashville to L.A. - Lost Columbia Masters 1963-1969)
  • Karry Foster (2015, cd Performs Hits of the Early '60s)
  • The Highfields (2015, single release)
  • Rosanne Cash (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
All Of This For Sally
A song about a cocker spaniel who inherits a fortune of many millions, actually based on a true story (though the amount being inhereted is a little exaggerated). Lyrics

A notable cover was done by Bobby James, song title just "Sally", a good version with a juicy organ. The singer was a son of a South African boxer, he later emigrated to Australia and apparently became a record company employee at Polydor and later at K-Tel in Sydney

  • Mark Dinning (Feb. 1962, MGM 13061)
  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk)
  • Jim Nabors (1965, LP Shazam! Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.)
  • Bobby James (1966, CBS 702 (South Africa), as "Sally")
  • Bill Carlisle (Apr. 1968, Hickory 1502)
  • Boyce Hawkins (1968/69, RCA 9700)
Commerce Street & 6th Avenue North
Though words and music are registered as Loudermilk's, music is in fact the traditional standard Great Speckled Bird / Wild Side of Life; lyrics refer to a location in downtown Nashville
  • George Hamilton IV (Mar. 1962, RCA 8001)
Everybody Knows
(a.k.a. Everyone But You)
  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk, as "Everybody Knows")
  • Don Gant (Jun. 1963, Colpix 688, as "Everyone But You")
  • The Staccatos (1966, LP The 2nd Sin, South Africa, as "Everybody Knows")
  • John D. Loudermilk (1968, LP Country Love Songs Plain And Simply Sung, as "Everyone But You" but same recording as 1962)
  • Harry Stinson (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
The song was first released on an album by Sheb Wooley.
Wooley (1921-2003) was an actor in Western movies and country singer (hit: The Purple People Eater, 1958). Wooley played in High Noon and Rawhide. As drunken cowboy "Ben Colder" he parodied popular hits, like his version of Loudermilk's "Talk Back Blubberin' Lips" and other efforts like "Help Me Fake It Through The Night", "Ruby, Don't Take Your Cash To Town", "Behind Chloe's Door", "Ain't It Funny How Wine Sips Away".

Les Lionceaux ←Covered in French by beat group Les Lionceaux. They tried to give Google Eye in French the meaning of a dance, "c'est le vrai Google Eye, un serie de pas compliqués" so a girl asks help with the dance but the singer refuses... Funny song, driven beat, more interesting than what the Nashville Teens made of the song.

cover cover In 1977 a cover in Czech by the group Plavci (as "Snadné"). The group also recorded it in English as The Rangers

Cover from Denmark, 1965 by the Dandy Swingers
cover cover
The Italian release by the Nashville Teens, misspelled "Goggle Eye",
and the 1964 EP of New Zealand's Jim McNaught
  • Sheb Wooley (May 1962, LP That's My Pa And That's My Ma)
  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep 1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk)
  • Big Pete Deuchar & His Country Blues (1963, Fontana 267278, UK banjo-man, released in the US as "Big Pete Duker")
  • Jim McNaught (1963, EP Along Came James HMV 7EGM6086, New Zealand)
  • Ramsey Kearney (Apr. 1964, Hickory 1251)
  • Nashville Teens (1964, London 9712, Decca F12000 (UK), top 10 UK, US bubbling under)
  • The Jaybirds (1964, Embassy 663, UK band with 19 years old Alvin Lee before 10 Years After)
  • Les Lionceaux (Jan. 1965, Mercury 154038, "Le vrai Google Eye" version in French)
  • Dandy Swingers (1965, HMV X 8465, Danish beatgroup)
  • Los Zignos (1965, RCA 76-2194, Mexican version "El escritor criminal")
  • John D. Loudermilk (1971, LP Elloree, WB version)
  • The Hillsiders (1975, LP To Please You, UK country)
  • Roger Whittaker (1975, MFP 10054)
  • Plavci (1977, Panton 44 0641, in Czech as "Snadné")
  • Rangers (1980, LP On The Country Road, English version by Czech group Plavci)
  • Clint Miller (1993, mini-cd Spirit of the Flag, former rockabilly artist of "Bertha Lou" fame recording once more, at the time Clint was Judge and running for Governor of Virginia!)
The Little Lunch Box
This song could well be written end 1950s, is there an earlier recording?
  • George Hamilton IV (1963, LP Abilene)
Thou Shalt Not Steal

Picture sleeved release in Italy, RCA 45N1250
Another song title inspired by the Bible. Lyrics
On a Kitty Wells compilation on the Bulldog label her Thou Shalt Not Steal was mistakenly attributed to JDL, but she sang another song: the same titled 1954 Don Everly composition.
EP Brasil
The hit version: by Dick (Richard St. John Gosting) and DeeDee (Mary Sperling), left on a cover of French EP, right Brazilean release.
Dick died in 2003 (after a fall from a ladder), DeeDee has made a great web site
  • John D. Loudermilk (Mar. 1962, RCA 7993, Billboard #73)
  • The Newbeats (1964, LP Bread and Butter, Hickory 1539 in 1969 bubbling under)
  • Dick & Dee Dee (Nov. 1964, WB 5482, took the song from the Newbeats 1964 LP; Billboard hit #13)
  • Sol Byron & The Impacts (1964/65?, Flamingo 5027, Scotland)
  • Glenda Collins (1965, HMV POP 1475 UK)
  • The Goldstar Brothers en The Jets (1965, Lion Tops 15, Dutch budget EP, group later scoring as Geebros)
  • I Campioni (1965, CGD N9559, Italian group with their cover version "Vieni Al Mare")
  • The Staccatos (1966, PYE PY115, South African group)
  • The Pleazers (Mar. 1966, EP A Midnight Rave, Zodiac EPZ133, New Zealand)
  • Monarchs Showband feat. John Frawley (1967, Ember 248, Ireland)
  • Mack White (Oct. 1976, Commercial 1315)
  • Dick & Dee Dee (1996, cd Murray the K's Holiday Revue, Live at the Brooklyn Fox december 1964)
  • Chris Darrow (2006, cd Wages of Sin)
First lines: "Way down in Australia they do a dance that'll really slay ya, called the Kangaroo, Hop, hop!" Fast song, "twist tempo".
More information about singer Cynthia Muse in section below.
  • Cynthia Muse (Mar. 1962, Dot 16335)
Who was Cynthia Muse, who recorded this hopping dance song, Kangaroo? I did some research, but all in vain, until Cynthia herself found my site and mailed me! She sent a 1962 promotion picture of hers and wrote:
Cynthia Muse My aunt Olive "discovered" me when I lived in Florida in late 1961. My favorite singer was Brenda Lee at the time and I would listen and sing every song that she recorded. My aunt heard me singing. She was a friend of the President of DOT Record Co., Randy Wood, contacted him and said, "you must listen to my niece Cynthia".
From there, it went very fast. The next thing I knew I was back in Tennessee and practicing in the studio of Beasley Smith in Nashville. I can remember sitting with him at his piano and singing until I was hoarse. We recorded in Nashville, TN and in the 60's, unlike today, when you met to record everyone was there at the same time in the studio. Later, I found out that I had the best musicians and singers at the time in the studio. The Anita Kerr Singers were the backup singers for 'High School Play' (B-side of 'Kangaroo'). If memory serves me correctly, on 'Kangaroo' several Jordanaires were there; the 'Hop, hop' was done by Ray Walker.
From there, when the 45 was released, my aunt Olive and I traveled the roads of Middle Tennessee visiting every radio station that would let us in and I frequented the 'Eddie Hill Show' many times during the remainder of 1962. I would cringe when he introduced me as 'the little darling of tv'. I also sang at many area events with local bands.
In my small hometown of Hartsville, TN, I was a celebrity and to this day when I revisit and see people they will say they remember my tv appearances and my record.

Cynthia recorded just this one 45 rpm record. She was a young 13 year old back then. Cynthia now is an elementary school teacher in Tennessee. She still enjoys singing and always asked why she didn't pursue that career: "I guess the timing wasn't right", Cynthia says.
Thank you, Cynthia Muse for sharing your memories!
Baby Don't Pout
Norris began as RCA-session man, worked a lot with JDL; later used the name "Norro Wilson", famed as co-author of "The Most Beautiful Girl".
The catchy song Baby Don't Pout was a KDWB Top 40 hit in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota.
  • Norris Wilson (May 1962, Monument 459)
Top Dog
Another JDL-song for Norris/Norro Wilson; written April 1962, but for 1 year kept on the shelf.
  • Norro & The Nor-Folks (Apr. 1963, Monument 813)
Sob Sister
NL 45 May 1963 Dutch single release, coupled with Big Daddy on the other side
  • Sue Thompson (Apr. 1962, LP Two Of A Kind)
The Footsteps Of My Lord
Bob Forshee / Loudermilk
Bob Forshee Bob Forshee, co-writer of this song, was a University of Missouri graduate and former school teacher, who went into music business in the early 1960s. Forshee and Loudermilk wrote at least 4 songs together, of which 2 were recorded and released.
  • Kitty Wells (Jun, 1962, LP Singing On Sunday)
It's Twelve Thirty-Five
  • Sue Thompson (Oct. 1963, Hickory 1234)
  • Wilma Goich (1965, LP La Voce di Wilma Goich, Italian: "Sto qui dalle sei")
Original title was The Little Bird, later to become the more natural This Little Bird.
Hit all over the world.

Marianne Faithfull
←1965 English sheet music to Marianne Faithfull's hit. In the UK it was a top 5 hit, in the US it reached the #32 position.

Her version was a hit all over the world:
German release, Dutch sleeve, French EP and Japanese release
Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull
Marianne Faithfull
EP EP Danish cover
EP with the French version S'en vient le temps by Richard Anthony and Dominique Walter, and Danish version Fortæl by Birthe Wilke, "Denmark's Doris Day"
French EP

A rare French EP release with Marti Shannon's version.
Shannon (Mary Rosalie Bryans) was born in Washington D.C., but grew up in Canada. She sang with a powerful voice, with a Marianne Faithfull's timbre. Her album, recorded in Nashville, was a hit, but she didn't record any more. She died in 2008
Nancy Sinatra Apollo
Japanese 1968 release of Nancy Sinatra's version, and Czech version Květy Jeřabin by Apollo/ Apollobeat

Ray Phillips, Nashville Teens' singer and bass player, had success in Hungary in the seventies and eighties with rerecorded versions of the band's hits. In 1984 he recorded Little Bird, a duet with popular singer Zalatnay Sarolta.

  • John D. Loudermilk (Sep. 1962, 12 sides of John D. Loudermilk)
  • Marianne Faithfull (May 1965, London 9759, "This Little Bird", UK Top 10)
  • Marianne Faithfull (Nov 1965, Derby 5141, Italian version: "Un Piccolo Cuore", composer spelled as "Londermilk")
  • Nashville Teens (May 1965, MGM 13357, US release 1 week after Marianne Faithfull, Decca 12143 UK)
  • The Blackwells (Jun 1965, Hickory 1319)
  • Richard Anthony (1965, EP Columbia 1687, French version: S'en vient le temps, a 1996 cd lists composer: John Loudermilq)
  • Dominique Walter (1965, EP AZ 984 another "S'en vient le temps", EP sleeve lists composer: J.D. Loudermick)
  • Anki (Lindqvist) (1965, Columbia 121 as Pieni Lintu, hit in Finland)
  • Marion Rung (1965, Philips 340717 Pieni Lintu)
  • Joe & Eddie (1965, LP Walkin' Down The Line, Joe Gilbert & Eddie Brown, popular black folk duo)
  • Johnny Kongos & The G-Men (1965, LP Oh Boy!)
  • The Lions (1965, Triola TDL 211, Danish beatgroup)
  • Sally Hyde (1965, EP The Big Four, Embassy 2009, budget cover label, also release on SP Discofoon 3582)
  • Barron Knights (Nov 1965, Columbia DB 7780, part of pop parody medley "Merry Gentle Pops part 1")
  • The Bluejeans (Japanese surf guitar instrumental by Takeshi Terauchi)
  • Sounds Incorporated (1966, LP Studio Two, British pop muzak)
  • Mike Leander Orchestra (1965, LP The Folk Hits)
  • The Challengers (1966, LP Challengers a go go, live recordings from the Hollywood TV Show "A Go Go")
  • Birthe Wilke (1966, Triola TD 295, Danish translation: "Fortæl")
  • Nancy Sinatra (1966, LP Nancy In London)
  • Marti Shannon (1966, LP You Were On My Mind, Canada, folk)
  • Vianey Valdez (1966, LP Donde Andarás, Mexican version "Vino un Pajarito")
  • Maggie Hammond (Dec. 1966, Clarion 1588, Australia, also released on 78)
  • Pauline Dee (1967, Phonovox 6015, Australia)
  • Chip & Dianne (1967, LP The Good Times We've Had, Australia)
  • Apollo(beat) (1968, Supraphon 43-0549, Czech cover Květy Jeřabin, sleeve says Apollo, label Apollobeat as artists, composer spelt "Louer Milk")
  • The Tempters (1969, LP Ryoko Moriyama Sings Favorites, Japan)
  • Ryoko Moriyama (1969, LP On Stage, popular Japanese pop group specialised in Rolling Stones covers)
  • Roy Orbison (1970, MGM recording, bootleg?)
  • Ray Phillips, Arthur Sharp/ The Nashville Teens (1970, Qualiton/Pepita 732, Hungarian hit release as "Little Bird", composer spelled Loudamilk, Phillips and Sharp being two old Nashville Teens)
  • Neil Humphrys & the Guard (Gamba 7, 1970, Australian independent label releasing during the year of 'radio ban' down under)
  • Kai Hyttinen (1977, LP Kai Hyttinen, another Pieni Lintu)
  • Zalatnay Sarolta & Ray Phillips (1984, Favorit 70641, "Little Bird" once more sung by Nashville Teens' Ray Phillips in Hungary)
  • Adult Guitar Ensemble (1982, 2LP Adult Guitar Ensemble, Guitar Youth Orchestra, Symphonia of Guitars, Melvyn J. Willin)
  • Kazufumi Kodama (1987, cd Les enfants, Japan)
  • Topi Sorsakoski (1991, Parlophone 7771386257, one more Pieni Lintu)
  • Spell (1993, cd Seasons In The Sun, 'gothic folk')
  • Jewel (1998, cd Spirit, hidden track)
  • Danièle Pascal (1998, cd Broken Dreams, French born South African artist)
  • Andi Sex Gang (2000, cd Faithfully Covers)
  • Canders (2000, cd Lite av din tid, Swedish dance band)
  • The Malchicks (2007, cd To Kill A Mockingbird)
  • Tex Perkins & Megan Washington (2009, Soundtrack Beautiful Kate)
  • [Anonymous] (2009, cd Chart Toppers Vol. 22)
  • Lucy Jordan (2011, cd Broken English - The Ultimate Marianne Faithfull Tribute)
  • Asher Quinn (2011, cd Falling Through Time, new age piano version)
  • The Convairs (2015, cd Live in New Plymouth, sixties live recording by New Zealand folk group)
Let's Sit Down
  • Kris Jensen (May 1962, Hickory 1173)
  • Candy Kids (1979 Hi Hat 1044, Finland)
The original recording by Kris Jensen was released in May 1962 but first started to sell 4 month later. It peaked #20, Nov. 1962, in Billboard's Hot 100, and was a local #1 at WHYN in Springfield MA.

Hermine ←The 1980 single release by French punk cult artist Hermine Demoriane. An interesting person, she married English poet Hugo Williams, played in the punk movie Jubilee (1977), recorded a few records (like Nico, her inability to sing was a charming advantage), wrote books, like "The Tightrope Walker" where she tells about the years she studied and practiced walking the rope, in the London/ Paris scene of 1971-75, meeting Dali, Philippe Petit, Nick Lowe, Brian Eno, Nick Kent. She also designed her own character font.
Her debut 'Torture' originally was intended to be released by Virgin, but the deal went down. The story goes that already 20,000 sleeves had been printed. Hermine crossed out 'Virgin', stamped "Salome Disc" instead (dedicated to Lou Andreas Salome) and stamped the song titles on the blank record labels. This way 2,000 copies were made as a private label release. Hermine used the remaining 18,000 sleeves to decorate her house.

Torture Torture The French hit-version Coeur Blessé by British Petula Clark, left French EP and right a release in German.
Torture Torture The Italian version Pagherai by Petula Clark, the 45-version on Vogue, Aug. 1964, and the Pagherai version by Cocki Mazzetti
Torture Torture Two other covers of Coeur Blessé: Jackie Lawrence (France, composer spells Londermilk) and Bébé HongSuong (Belgium)
Torture TorturaIn German "Armes Herz" by Margot Eskens, in Portugese, "Tortura" by Brazilian Paulo Roberto
Torture Torture Dutch sleeve of Kris Jensen's 1962 original and Everly Brothers' 1964 cover

  • Kris Jensen (May 1962, Hickory 1173, #20 Billboard)
  • Tony Rocco (Sep. 1962, Parlophone 4946 UK)
  • Petula Clark (Nov. 1962, French, #1 Hit in France and Belgium: "Coeur Blessé", later she recorded her hit in Italian, Spanish and German, see below)
  • Carmen Déziel (1963, Meteor 328, Canadian release "Coeur Blessé")
  • Viviane Lorène (1962/63, EP Disque Saphir LDP 5079, French budget release "Coeur Blessé")
  • Jackie Lawrence (1963, EP Festival 1339, French "Coeur Blessé")
  • Bébé Hong Suong (1963, Teeny Records 5116, as "Coeur Blessé", Belgium)
  • Sally Wills (1963, Ronnex 20323 as "Zo'n Verdriet", Belgium)
  • Mortierorgel (Orgue Mortier) (1963, Polydor 3077, part of an organ potpourri, Belgium)
  • Alberto Cortez (1963, Hispavox EP HH17-232, as "Tortura" by Argentinian "Mr Sucu Sucu")
  • Margot Eskens (1963, Polydor 52095, German version "Coeur Blesssé, Armes Herz")
  • Petula Clark (1963/64, Vogue 45 rpm, her Italian version "Pagherai", an Italian #16 chart hit in 1964)
  • Bruno Lorenzoni & Orch. (1963, LP Monsieur l'accordeon, France, instrumental)
  • Paulo Roberto (1963, EP Copacabana 3355, Brazilian singer, in Portugese, "Tortura")
  • Cocki Mazzetti (1963, Primary 91920, another Italian "Pagherai")
  • Cocki Mazzetti (1964, Belter 51336, now in Spanish "Me Las Pagaras")
  • Betty Curtis (1964, another Italian "Pagherai")
  • Petula Clark (Feb. 1964, EP Vogue 8191, Petula's German version (though titled in French Coeur Blessé)
  • Everly Brothers (1964, WB 5478, good version)
  • Patricia Smith (Pain Expo Brood 27, Belgium budget release, Coeur Blessé)
  • Gene Rockwell (1965, big #1 hit in South Africa)
  • Hi-Spots (Swedish beat group)
  • The Mark Two (1966, HMV EA4779, Australia)
  • Javier Vega (1968, Rex 150, Mexican version "Tortuta")
  • J. Heyne & Eddy Green (1970, LP Million Sellers a Gogo, Belgium piano-organ instrumental)
  • Robert Gordon (1980, LP Bad Boy)
  • Hermine (1980, Salome Disc, see story ←)
  • The Brothers Poyck & E.B.J. Band (1982, EP Da Capo 8032: Ode to Don and Phil, Dutch 25 years Everly's tribute)
  • Butch Baker (Mar. 1984, Mercury 818379)
  • Kim Salmon & Surrealists (1988, LP Hit Me With The Surreal Feel, Australian arty-alternative pop)
  • Maria Miel (1990, Carrère 125165, Belgium, "Coeur Blessé" disco beat, B-side an instrumental version)
  • Tav Falco (1991, New Rose 155)
  • Les Années Twist (1995, Musical by Roger Louret, medley contains "Coeur Blessé")
  • Wendy van Wanten (1997, cd 13 Bolero's, as "Eenzaam Hart", Belgium)
  • Lisa Del Bo (1998, cd single Polydor 567242-2, Belgium "Coeur Blessé")
  • Zop Hopop (2003, cd Interlude, Belgium "Coeur Blessé" by Sacha Toorop)
  • Clone & Luc Dufourmont (2005, cd Version 0.1, Belgium)
  • D.B. Harris & His Men Of Action (2004, cd Contagious Heartache, duet with Susanna Van Tassel)
  • Alain Morisod & Sweet People (2009, cd Un rendez-vous d'amour, "Coeur Blessé")
  • Hanny-D (2010, cd Mijn Passie/ Ma Passion, as "Mijn Verdriet" and "Coeur Blessé", Belgium)
  • André Loppe (2011, cd Special Medley Vol 3, accordeon instrumental, as "Coeur Blessé" part of the Medley de Boléros)
  • Peggy Sue (2012, cd Peggy Sue Play The Songs Of Scorpio Rising, UK)
  • Malibü Buckéroo (2017, cd Malibü Buckéroo, "Coeur Blessé" by Californian band)
  • Santa-Rosa (2017, cd Souvenir Vol1, "Coeur Blessé")
Chile Nights
Instrumental. First recorded by Danny Davis Orchestra and by The Minute Men, on the same day (Oct. 9, 1962) in the MGM-studios in Nashville. Are these different recordings (Danny Davis left unreleased) as the matrix numbers suggest, or (probably) are the Minute Men (brass orchestral) a Danny Davis incarnation?
Jerry Byrd does a steel guitar version
  • Minute Men (1963, MGM 13132)
  • Jerry Byrd (1966, LP Potpourri)
Linda With The Lonely Eyes
Sophie Pascal Belgian Sophie Pascal covered it in French, "Les larmes aux yeux"; on the B-side also a Loudermilk song, "La petite grive", cover of The Little Grave.


  • George Hamilton IV (Feb. 1964, RCA 8304, #25 C&W charts)
  • Don Argo (May 1965, Hickory 1318)
  • Sophie Pascal (1965, Palette 40230, French cover "Les larmes aux yeux")
Someone As Special As You
First lines: I guess I've got a good excuse for being special blue, 'cause it's not every day you lose someone as special as you etc.
probably unreleased
You're Cool
Rita Faye Wilson was a daughter of hillbilly artist Smiley Wilson. In 1953, age 9, she had a hit with the popular "I Fell Out Of A Christmas Tree". In the sixties Rita recorded a few pop songs. On "You're Cool" she sounds soulful and black. She also played autoharp on Patsy Cline's and Grandpa Jones' recordings. Rita married songwriter Earl Sinks and they made pretty good money in music business.
  • Rita Faye (May 1962, Capitol 4759)
Fine song about popular TV series Dr Ben Casey, see lyrics

The JDL single was a top 10 hit in Finland (#5, May 1963) and the Philippines (#3, Sep. 1962).
The record also charted Australia, Brisbane (10 weeks top 40, highest position 10, 1 week top 10), Melbourne (peaked #3, 19th top selling record of 1962) and Sydney (#13, Sep. 1962).

  • John D. Loudermilk (Jun. 1962, RCA 8054, #83, Billboard)
  • Erkki Pohjanheimo (1963, Fontana 271557, "Kutsukaa Tri Casey" in Finland)
  • Gene Rockwell & the Falcons (1966, LP The Many Faces Of, South African rocker)
  • Ismo's (1999, cd Kiitos ja hyvää yötä, another "Kutsukaa Tri Casey")
  • Anza Mertaranta Allstars (2009, cd Jytää, Poppia Ja Rautalankaa, another "Kutsukaa Tri Casey")
Oh How Sad
B-side of Callin' Doctor Casey
  • John D. Loudermilk (Jun. 1962, RCA 8054)
  • Bob Luman (Nov. 1962, WB 5321)
(Hold The Ladder Steady)
Cashbox add for Sue Thompson's 'fifth smash in a row, climbing on all charts'. Sue's record peaked #17 pop (Billboard).

An Austrian release by Hanne Wieder, daughter of a general and singer, actress, comedienne. Translated as James halt die Leiter grade, at the end of the song she falls down the ladder...

Cover Cover Versions by Danish singer Helle Wilke on Triola. Left, Helle recorded James er du klar med stigen? for the Danish market, right, she also recorded a German version James, halt die Leiter grade.
Cover German version by Gitta Mona/ Greetje Mona

  • Sue Thompson (Sep. 1962, Hickory 1183)
  • Carol Deene (1962, HMV POP 1086 UK, Deene later sang "I'll tell you how I know I'm ready- I'd have gone if James held that ladder steady" in her song Growin' Up)
  • A. Starr (1962, Curio 10, US budget cover)
  • Ria Valk (Nov. 1962, Fontana 266 382 TF, Dutch version "James (houd de ladder stevig)")
  • Gitte Mona (=Greetje Mona) (1962, Palette 40147, version in German: "James (halt die Leiter grade)")
  • Helle Wilke (1962, Triola TD-162, German version: "James halt die Leiter gerade")
  • Helle Wilke (1962, Triola TD-167, Danish version: "James er du klar med stigen?")
  • Hanne Wieder (1962, Jupiter 178, German version "James, halt die Leiter grade")
  • Kay Barry (1962, Embassy 534, UK budget cover)
  • Rita Williams (1962, LP Pop Parade Bouquet, UK budget cover)
  • Sandy Lynn (1962, EP Fortuna 6 Club, Sweden release of US budget cover)
  • Pat Curtis (1962, EP Disco sorpreso "Fundator", Spain, EP offered by Fundator cognac-brandy, Pat Curtis probably being a fantasy name)
  • Riverina Jazz Band (1963, LP Country Barn Dance Vol. 2, Australia)
  • Jose Luis (1963, Gamma 444, Mexican cover "Es Ella")
  • Carolyn Young (1960s?, Aussie girl pop)
  • Chantal May (1964, EP Joker RN 45-002, French version)
  • Anina (1968, CBS 6225, Spanish (Mexico) version: "Juan, Juan (Tengo mucho miedo)")
  • Ellis (1984, TipTop 101, another Dutch translated cover)
  • Susan Maughan (1997, cd Bobby's Girl, prev. unreleased 1960s by UK lady)
  • Barbara Lee (2007, cd Even Now, prob. rereleased ±1980 recording by country singer)
Can't Hang Up The Phone
  • Stonewall Jackson (Dec. 1962, Columbia 42628, C&W #11 hit)



Bad news travels like wildfire
Good news travels slow
They all call me, "Ole Wildfire,"
'Cause everybody knows that I'm bad news
Ev'rywhere I go
Always gettin' in trouble
And leaving little girls who hate to see me go

I've picked peaches down in Georgia
Lumberjacked up in Maine
I've been hired and jailed
In every state you can name
'Cause I'm bad news...

From north to south, from east to west
The story is the same
From one state to the other
I have to change my name
'Cause I'm bad news...

Now, they tried to hang me down in Oakland
And they did in San-Frisco
But I wouldn't choke and I broke their rope
And they had to let me go
'Cause I'm bad news...

©1963 Acuff-Rose Publ. Inc.
source: John D. Loudermilk, Song Folio

In 1975, Charlie Daniels had a hit with the song Long Haired Country Boy; a song that had C. Daniels as composer credits.
The music however, is nothing but an exact copy of Loudermilk's Bad News!
Acuff Rose charged Charlie Daniels copyright infringement in 1982. Daniels' weak defence was that both songs are similar to others, like Proud Mary, Folsom Prison Blues, Honky Tonkin'.
I don't know what the judge's verdict eventually was, but listen to Charles Daniels' clip below and how close it is to Bad News, and far off from Proud Mary or Honky Tonkin'.

  • John D. Loudermilk (Mar. 1963, RCA 8154, #23 Billboard Hot Country)
  • Johnny Cash (Jul. 1964, Columbia 43058, #8 Billboard Hot Country in Oct. 1964)
  • Lonnie Donegan (Aug. 1964, Hickory 1274)
  • Eddy Arnold (1965, LP The Easy Way)
  • Bob Dylan (sang it 1965 in the Savoy Hotel, London, for Pennebaker's film Don't Look Back, but not released so far)
  • Al Turnage & the Turnpikes (1965, Jox 024, rough Texas garage rock)
  • Tommy Tygart (1966, TT Records 101 (slow version), Voice Of Country 131 (1969, up-tempo version))
  • Ray Bourrell (Reba 103, no idea about the date of this US 45 but could be 1965)
  • Robert DeCormier Folk Singers (1967, LP Walking In The Sunshine)
  • The Fastest Group Alive (1967, Valiant V-759, a weird, deranged version)
  • Roosevelt Grier (1969, AGP 107, soul 45 by football-actor-singer)
  • Clarence Carter (1969, Atlantic 8238)
  • Johnny Doe (1969, LP Sings More Big Country Hits Made Famous by Johnny Cash)
  • Pat Boone (1969, LP Departure)
  • Johnny Jenkins (1970, LP Ton-Ton Macoute!)
  • Johnny Winter (1970, Buddah 168)
  • Rock City Band (Nov. 1971, Hickory 1617)
  • Stoneground (1971, LP Stoneground, 'super'group of some hippie left-overs, ex Starship, ex Beau Brummels)
  • Brian Maxine (1972, LP King of the Ring Sings, British wrestler, Middleweight Champion, recording an album)
  • Del Reeves (1973, LP Trucker's Paradise)
  • Isaac Guillory (1973, LP Isaac Guillory)
  • Randy Karr (1975±, LP Bottle Me Up, Bismarck ND Country singer)
  • George Hamilton IV (1975, RCA 50063, LP Trendsetter)
  • 'King' Jerry Lawler (1975, Barbarian Records 0101, 45 by professional Memphis wrestler)
  • Jim Ringer (1977, LP Tramps and Hawkers)
  • Doug Kershaw (1977, LP Flip, Flop & Fly)
  • Jerry Jeff Walker (1978, LP Jerry Jeff)
  • Bad News Reunion (1978, LP Live im Logo, German band)
  • Delta-Cross Band (1979, LP Rave On, a Danish album with good album cover art)
  • Jimmy Hall (1980, LP Touch You, fat 'n greasy funk)
  • Red Allen (1981, LP Family and Friends)
  • Boxcar Willie (Mar. 1982, Main Street 73001)
  • Jiri Brabeg & George Hamilton IV (1983, LP George Hamilton IV & Jiri Brabeg & Country Beat)
  • B J Thomas (1986, LP Night Life)
  • Falcon Country Band (1987, LP Falcon Country Band, NL)
  • Dr Hector & Groove Injectors (1991, cd Emergency)
  • Trailer Park Casanovas (1999, cd End Of An Era, rockabilly in a hurry)
  • Jussi Syren & Groundbreakers (1999, cd Factories and Fields)
  • Peter Dawson (2001, cd Do You Don't Or Do You Do)
  • Alejandro Escovedo & Jon Langford with Dave Alvin (2003, cd Executioners Last Songs vol 2)
  • Bob Wootton (2005, cd Bobby Wootton The Man Behind The Man In Black, excellent version by ex Johnny Cash bass player)
  • V.A.A.G. (2006, cd Hè hè...! by Dutch acoustic band)
  • The Dixie Flyers (2007, cd Blazing Tracks)
  • Whitey Morgan and the 78's (2010, cd Whitey Morgan and the 78's)
  • Tex Perkins & Tennessee Four (2010, Blu-ray disc, musical The Man in Black The Johnny Cash Story, Australia)
  • George Thorogood (2017, cd Party Of One)
  • Jimmy Hall (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk)
Blink Away
A song with hit potential, that failed to make it
  • Norro & The Nor-Folks (Apr. 1963, Monument 813)
  • Carmel Quinn (Oct. 1964, LP Wonderful World of my Dreams)
A great song! An inspiration to the song has been what his father (also a John D, died in 1960) told him about thumbing to get work during the Depression.
Interstate 40 in fact is the road to travel from Durham, JDL's birthplace, to Nashville Tennessee.

  • Bob Luman (Feb. 1963, Hickory 1201, "Interstate Forty")
  • Hank Ferguson (1963, LP Behind These Walls)
  • Lonnie Donegan (Aug. 1964, Hickory 1274)
  • John D. Loudermilk (1966, LP Sings a Bizarre Collection)
  • George Kent (Country Music Time #26, vinyl transcription for US Air Force radio)
  • Al Bain (Arco 1914, obscure US label, one of the about five different Arco named labels in the US, probably mid/late sixties; singer Allan W Bain of West Hebron had a fanclub run by his mother)
Kissin' Games
Like the Everly's, Dean and Mark Mathis, 2 brothers & same sound, later to become 2/3 of the Newbeats.
Pic. sleeve of Dutch 1963 release on Funckler, and Danish Triola-release, now Kissin' Games on the A-side
  • Dean & Mark (Oct. 1963, Hickory 1227)
The Little Wind-up Doll
Kris Jensen's single was a #55 breakout at KNAK radio, Salt Lake City
  • Jana Louise (Oct. 1964, Dot 25598)
  • Kris Jensen (Nov. 1964, Hickory 1285)
  • Anthony Hughes & Ventures (1967, PYE 17439, UK)
  • Orly Ilacad & the Ramrods (1968, Alpha 044, Philippines)
  • John D. Loudermilk (1989, cd Blue Train, prev. unissued)
What's Wrong, Bill?
The song was a local breakout, #44 at KFXM San Bernadino CA, Wax to Watch at WQAM Miami FL and at KDEO, San Diego CA, but it didn't break nationally
  • Sue Thompson (Mar. 1963, Hickory 1204, Billboard bubbling under)
Cut Me Down
(From Your Whipping Post)
45 rpm Kris Jensen once more tortured (see lyrics), but failed to follow up his hit Torture. The song was plugged, though, but it came no higher than #47 at WHYN (Springfield, MA).

Peter 'Kris' Jensen, remained a one-hit wonder. In the 1980s he worked as a tune-screener for a publisher in California and later is reported being traveling around as a promoter of Buddhist religion in America.

  • Kris Jensen (Mar. 1963, Hickory 1203)
The Guitar Player
(a.k.a: Her And Him)
Lyrics , song with a Ben E King/ Spanish Harlem sort of arrangement
  • John D. Loudermilk (Mar. 1963, RCA 8154)
  • Jimmy Justice (1963, PYE 7N15528 UK, US release 1965 on Blue Cat 101)
Conflicting Interests
Henley lead singer of The Newbeats, later famous as composer of Bette Midler hit Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Larry Henley (Jun. 1963, Hickory 1216)
Somebody Catch Me Kissin' Mary
  • Mark Dinning (Jun. 1963, MGM 13150)
I Love You, Darling
(A 1000 Times)
  • Mark Dinning (1963, MGM 63-XY-427 unissued track)
Sparkling Burgundy
Catchy instrumental (not Julius Walkins' same titled song)
  • Jim Hall (Dec. 1963, Hickory 1236)
Throw Me In A Crowd Of Girls
Another excellent song by Sammy Salvo
See lyrics
  • Sammy Salvo (Jun. 1963, Hickory 1215)
The Old Double Shuffle
  • Chet Atkins (1963, LP Our Man In Nashville)
Brown / Gibson / Loudermilk
Sometimes the name of Albert Stanton, a fictitious songwriter which was abused for claiming copyright of traditional folk songs, was added as 'composer'

Acetate An acetate

Dubious if this can be called a Loudermilk song.
There's been a discussion who really composed the song. In the end it was officially registered as a Brown / Gibson / Loudermilk song in 1963.
In fact it probably was an older folk standard. First recording in 1957 by Bob Gibson

Josh Brown, son of Lester Brown, was very kind to mail me and tell me the story as his dad used to tell it:
My dad owned a nightclub in Chicago called "The Gate of Horn" with Albert Grossman. Bob Gibson was a regular act at the club, at the time and he and my father became friends. Dad took on managerial duties (of some form) with Bob's career for a short while and they ended up in New York City for some business (or just a good time). One day while hanging around Washington Square Park, they ran into an acquaintance who was strumming on a banjo and mumbling some lyrics (either "Abilene, Abilene, prettiest girl I've ever seen" or "Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town I've ever seen"). My dad pulled Bob aside and told him to learn the chord progression, because he was going to write the rest of the lyrics. They ended up back in their hotel room and with the help of some cheap liquor, my father wrote the lyrics to Abilene in the bathtub. He claims it took him ten minutes.
Bob Gibson made the first recording of the song and it did nothing. Some years later, my father got a call from a friend exclaiming that Abilene was on the Billboard charts. He called his publisher, Acuff-Rose, to verify and they replied that "Yes! it was on the charts at #13 and that they expected it to go to #1 which I believe it did. My father had later found out that Mr. Loudermilks name was added as a writer, even though he had NOT had anything to do with writing the song. My dad figure he played a more important role (He found the song and made it a HIT!) and decided not to protest the writing split.
Anyway, that's the story according to Lester L. Brown. I've heard it hundreds of times in my life (though it's changed slightly due to older age).

I was very pleased and honoured that John D also let me know of how he came to know the song.
I went with George Hamilton IV to a radio station in Franklin Tennessee, and the disc jockey who was to interview him there played us this song - Bob Gibson's version. George didn't show any interest in it, so I said to him "If you don't cut this, I will". Well, he did decide to cut it, of course, and though Chet Atkins was RCA's producer of record for the session, I basically arranged and produced it - which was not unusual then. See, Chet would often let artists and musicians have their heads anyhow, and the session would be sort of a collaboration. It was his way of drawing out the best of the music for the project and it was a great part of his technique in sort of catalyzing what came to be known as "the Nashville sound". But on this one, I remember him out in the studio playing on the session (that's his riff on the intro) as I worked the board from the control room.
Shortly after we finished with it, maybe the very next day, I got a call from (my publisher) Wesley Rose to come over to Acuff-Rose. When I got there he was in his office with Bob Gibson and Lester Brown, Bob's manager, and I was informed that they had made a deal whereby Wes would publish the song and my name would be added as writer. I accepted their terms (though I shared my royalties with George IV), but over the years I've realized that the fairest way I could have been acknowledged and repaid for my efforts in helping the song become the hit it was would have been for Wes to recognize that I actually did the work of the publisher there (finding the song and placing it with the right artist, for example). My royalties really should have come from the publisher's share. I expect that the whole deal was designed by Wesley, but by the time I arrived the three of them had already agreed that Wesley would get all the publishing (half the royalties) and that we three would divide the other half (the writer's share). I agreed too, we all shook hands, and that was the end of it.

Meridian Green, daughter of Bob Gibson, folk musician and song writer who has worked with ex-Byrd's Gene Parsons and has recorded a version of Abilene on her 1998 album In The Heart of this Town, wrote me:
The story behind "Abilene" has always been mysterious. My dad never talked about what happened that this song, that he recorded in 1957 and copyrighted in 1960, suddenly had so many co-writers! What my dad did say was, "When you write a song, if there is another person in the room, that person could be considered a co-writer."
My dad never talked about this beyond what he said in his book "I Come For To Sing" in which he says he wrote "Abilene" at the bar at the Gate of Horn and Les Brown was there and sang the chorus with him. Bob recorded Abilene" on
I Come For To Sing in February 1957 and it was a minor hit on Chicago area radio, though not a big enough hit at that point for Les Brown to seek credit as a co-writer.
The arrangement that TRO (The Richmond Organization) came to with Acuff-Rose wasn't very favorable to my dad. Acuff Rose got 100% of the publishing share and the songwriting share was split between Loudermilk, Brown and Gibson BUT, the Gibson share is paid to TRO and they keep half. They also collect 1/2 of Bob's 1/3 on BMI. So my dad ended up with 16% of his song.
Back in 1963 it may have saved his life. He was pretty strung out in the early 60s and if he'd gotten a larger share of the Abilene royalties he might have done himself even greater harm. But now, as the original 1960 copyright is coming up for the final period, I'm hoping the rights to this song will finally revert to my family.

The song has been recorded many times, using different song titles on Folk albums around 1960.
After the Bob Gibson recording, it was Erik Darling (ex-member of The Tarriers and The Weavers) who did a version in 1958 on his solo album. He called the song Aboline, and had some of his own lyrics added. Erik was later part of The Rooftop Singers.
Sources say the Lonesome Travelers, group of Bob Johnson, Norman Blake and Walter Forbes recorded for RCA in 1959, but no details are found on the RCA session sheets. Forbes later recorded Abilene for a solo album.
Other folk versions in the early sixties include Brothers Four, Charlotte Daniels & Pat Webb, Homesteaders, Johnny Mann Singers, Pernell Roberts, Walter Forbes solo (called it Abilene Blues), etc. before George Hamilton IV turned it in 1963 into a C&W hit.


Abilene, Abilene
Prettiest town I've ever seen
Women there don't treat you mean
in Abilene, my Abilene

I sit alone most ev'ry night
Watch those trains pull out of sight
Don't I wish they were carrying me
Back to Abilene, my Abilene

Crowded city, there ain't nothing free
Nothing in this town for me
Wish to the Lord that I could be
in Abilene, sweet Abilene

45 rpm Ben Steneker covered it in Dutch as Ameland: "Ameland, wat is er met je aan de hand, boren ze maar in je zand. Wie er nu komt, die kent het niet, allemaal mannen die je ziet", singing about the oil and gas found on this North Sea island. On the picture sleeve a map figures but the oil towers are drawn on the wrong island (Terschelling!).

Jim Jenkins, columnist for newsobserver.com, reports about George Hamilton IV singing new lyrics to the song Abilene (lyrics by Scott Thoen, ± 2009):
Gasoline, gasoline, highest prices I've ever seen
What on Earth is going on with gasoline?
Gasoline, gasoline, oh, gasoline ...
Filled my tank just the other night
watched that meter just spin out of sight
Don't I wish they would lower the price of gasoline, oh, gasoline....

Below: in a 2013 Viva NashVegas radioshow, George Hamilton IV and John D. tell about the song and perform it

LP LP released in 1963 on the Horizon label by The Other Singers, Californian folk duo Tom Drake and Michael Storm, including a version of Abilene.
In 1965 LA's budget label Surrey Records used many of the Horizon masters to reissue folk albums. Specially tracks of Barry McGuire were lucrative, as Barry had just scored his Eve of Destruction #1-hit record. The guys of Surrey must have come across the blank tape of The Other Singers and assumed that these were duets of Barry McGuire and Barry Kane. They released them as a Barry & Barry album, "Star Folk Vol 3" and made some guesses about song titles (Abilene was listed as Lose The Blues In Abilene). Over 40 years later, iTunes didn't know what to make of it and had half of the tracks listed as The Other Singers, and half had Barry McGuire and Kane listed as artists.
45 rpm 45 rpm
Left: a 45-single release of the Swedish dansband Zenits; they cover it as Fröken Rar, lyrics by Hans Sidén
Right: Luxembourg singer Chris Baldo recorded a version in German: "Evelyn"
45 rpm 45 rpm
Left: group from the Faroe Islands (Danish release, sold in Iceland and the Faroes), who covered Abilene in 1965; they sung in English. This picture sleeved record was sold by eBay for US $82
Right: from Sweden, a six member group featuring baritone saxophone, sung in Swedish, "Abeline" (misspelled or used as a person's name?)
  45 rpm 45 rpm
Dutch release by Don Mercedes, on the B-side of his debut record, and Sonny James' 1977 single release from his album "Sonny James in Prison in Person", with the Tennessee State Prison Band 45 rpm
 French release by Les Missiles, released in 1963 as B-side of the cover of Greenback Dollar (Sacré Dollar, folk song of Hoyt Axton, hit by the Kingston Trio)

  • Bob Gibson (1957, LP I Come Fore To Sing)
  • Erik Darling (1958, LP Erik Darling Sings & Plays)
  • Brothers Four (1961, LP Roamin' With The Brothers)
  • Roy Berkeley (Mar. 1961, Coral 62256, spelled it "Aboline", listed as a E. Darling-composition, Billboard reviews: "song is dedicated to the Kansas town"...)
  • Charlotte Daniels & Patt Webb (1961/62, LP Charlotte Daniels and Patt Webb)
  • Johnny Mann Singers (1962, LP Golden Folk Song Hits Vol 3)
  • The Homesteaders (1962± LP Railroad Bill, group with young Judy Collins)
  • The Sapphires (1962, HMV 4459, group from Sydney, song was retitled "Aberdeen" and performed in a skiffle way)
  • Pernell Roberts (=Adam Cartwright in tv-show Bonanza, actor and folk singer) (1962, unreleased recording)
  • Walter Forbes (1963, LP Folk Song Festival, Chet Atkins/ Anita Kerr production)
  • The Folk City Citizens (LP Hootenanny & Folk, budget album recorded live at Folk City)
  • The Other Singers (1963, LP The Other Singers Sing Other Songs for Other People)
  • Bobby Darin (1963, LP Golden Folk Hits)
  • Bobby Bare (1963, LP 500 Miles Away From Home)
  • Rod McKuen & Horizon Singers (1963, LP There's A Hoot Tonight)
  • The Highwaymen (1963, LP One More Time)
  • Bud & Travis (1963, LP Perspective on Bud & Travis)
  • George Hamilton IV (1963, RCA 8181, C&W #1)
  • Jack White (1963, Country & Western Hits 213, Nashville budget label cover)
  • Dusty King & His Country Cats (1963, LP Top 16 C&W Hits, Canada, budget cover)
  • The Four Preps (1963, LP Songs For A Campus Party)
  • Don Mercedes (Aug. 1963, Philips JF327561, NL)
  • Fortunes (1963, Triola TD 213, in Denmark covered as "Rosmarin")
  • Rory and Alex McEwen (1963, EP Hootenannie, Waverley ELP 127, popular Scottish folk duo)
  • Thomas Fraser (Scottish fisherman, tape recording issued on cd You And My Old Guitar)
  • Walter Brennan (1963, LP Talkin' From The Heart, (EP Liberty 2128, New Zealand), movie actor's interpretation)
  • Les Missiles (Oct. 1963 (EP), Ducretet Thomson 500V5594 (SP), French version: "Marilyn" (not Monroe!))
  • Les Missiles (1964, Ducretet Thomson 500V600, rare Italian version: "Come Fai"))
  • Chris Baldo (1964, Decca 19481, Luxembourg version "Evelyn" (in German))
  • Buck Owens (1964, LP I Don't Care)
  • Tom Tedesco (1964, LP The Electric 12 String Guitar, instrumental version)
  • Bill Anderson (1964, LP Sings)
  • Bobby Goldsboro (1964, LP I Can't Stop Loving You)
  • Roy Drusky (1964, LP Songs Of The Cities)
  • Maxine Sellers (1964, LP Folk Songs)
  • Martin Denny (1964, LP A Taste Of Hits, instrumental, lazy piano)
  • All Night Singers (1964, LP The All Night Singers)
  • Saturday's Singers (1964, LP Sing For A Living)
  • Ben Steneker (1964, CNR 9672, Dutch version "Ameland")
  • Living Guitars (1964, LP Folk-Dixie Jamboree)
  • Waylon Jennings (1964, At JD's, not really live but 'rough' recorded)
  • Bee Gees (1964, in Johnny O Keefe's tv-show)
  • Talking John Berry (1964, EP The Talking Folksinger)
  • Ken Turner (±1964, Anderson 106-212, obscure Indiana single release)
  • The Rip-Chords (1964, unreleased live surf sound version)
  • Pete Drake & his Talking Guitar (1965, Starday 751)
  • Jaycee 3 (EP Michigan Jaycees Present The "Jaycee 3", folk EP for the Jaycees Program to combat causes of mental retardation)
  • The Bingham Trio (LP The Bingham Trio)
  • The Faroe-Boys (1965, HMV 8471, Faroe Islands, Danish 45 rpm, sung in English)
  • David Wiffen (1965, LP Live at the Bunkhouse, Canadian folk)
  • Billy Liebert (LP Today's Sounds in Pop-Country Hits)
  • Rusty & His Rangers (Jan. 1966, Decca/Ace 200.750/1)
  • Stu Davis (1966, LP The Stu Davis Show, popular Canadian cowboy singer)
  • Vic Dana (1966, LP Town & Country)
  • Bobby Bond (1966, LP Down That Lonesome Road, on budget label Somerset, track is also used as by Earl Cupid on other budget compilations)
  • The Oceans (Jan. 1967, Pla-Me 804B-1090, 45 rpm by Ohio garage band)
  • Guy Mitchell (1967, LP My Traveling Shoes, entitled 'My Abilene' and lists York as composer)
  • Tommy Garrett (1967, LP Six Flags over Texas, instrumental)
  • Frugal Sound (1967, RCA 1595, UK easy listening pop)
  • Rusty York (1968, LP Sings Like Crazy)
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  • Flamingo Kvintetten (1968±, Platina 156, Swedish version "Fröken Rar")
  • Charliez (1968±, Tommo Plattor 20, Swedish brass version "Abeline" (misspelled))
  • Glenn Yarbrough (1969, LP Yarbrough Country)
  • Glenn Barber (Apr. 1969, Hickory 1568)
  • John Pearse (1969, LP Hold Down A Chord, for a BBC TV guitar tuition series)
  • Tommy Lee (1969, LP Tommy Lee Sings The Country Greats)
  • The Terry Sisters (Carousel 1-02, 45 on Salt Lake City label)
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  • The London Philharmonic Orchestra (1970, LP Hits of 1970)
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  • John D. Loudermilk (1971, LP Elloree)
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  • Fidlin' Mutt Poston & Farm Hands (197?, LP Hoe Down! Vol 6: Country Blues)
  • E. Rodney & Prairie Dogs (1972, LP Country & Western, UK trio)
  • John Laughlin (1973, Stamp ST4-3, Canada, label spells Abeline!)
  • Joe Leahy (1973, Hi-Hat Records 911, "My Abilene" music to be played for a round dance)
  • Bob Gibson (1974, LP Funky in the Country, live version by the original artist)
  • Sonny James (1974, LP Is It Wrong)
  • Tony Goodacre (1974, LP Roamin' Round in Nashville, UK Country)
  • The Gap (LP Comanche Gap, UK Country)
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  • Spinning Wheel (1979, LP Live and Kicking, UK)
  • Chet Atkins (1983, LP Great Hits of the Past)
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  • Zelenáči (=Greenhorns, see 1971) (1984, LP Pod Liščí Skálou, Czech lyrics)
  • Main Street Singers (mid 1980s, Sound80 1003)
  • Johnny Cash (1986, TV Shows 3)
  • Chester Lester (1988, cd Lonely Lady, a Nashville songwriter)
  • A.G. and Kate (1989, cassette Something Pretty)
  • Brian Mann (cd Travelling Light, UK Country BBC presenter)
  • Great American Stringband (Don Ange) (1991, 2cd 200 Years of American Heritage In Song)
  • Bill Rhyne & The Coronados (1992, cd Freedom Of The Rolling Plains)
  • The Moody Brothers (1994, cd Guitar Boogie)
  • Bobři (1994, cd 77-80, Czech version as "Hermelín")
  • Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown & John D. Loudermilk (1996, live on Austin City Limits)
  • Hoot & Annie (1996, cd Songs of the West)
  • Bo Basiuk (1997, cd I Got Mine)
  • Funny Hill (1997, cd Cowboy Boots, Swiss country)
  • Meridian Green (1998, cd In The Heart Of This Town, version of daughter of author Bob Gibson)
  • Peter Stanley (1999, cd At The Sidetrack, a 1965 live concert in a coffee-house)
  • Josh Roy Brown (2000, cd Can't Look Back, version of son of co-author Les Brown)
  • Vodopád (2001, cd Philippe Naudot + Vodopád, version in Slowakian language)
  • Sunny Side (2001, cd Staří Greenhorni, Czech bluegrass)
  • Gene Parsons (2001, cd I Hope They Let Us In - In Concert)
  • Taylor Grocery Band (2002, cd Taylor Grocery Band)
  • Craig Duncan (2002, cd Deep in the Heart of Texas, instrumental)
  • Robin O'Herin (2002, cd Red, White and Blues)
  • Jim Owen (2003, cd Sings With Friends And Heroes, the old songwriter duetting with George Hamilton IV)
  • Po' Girl (2003, cd Po' Girl)
  • Road Scholars (2003, cd The Road Home)
  • Cody Dooley (2003, cd Real Country)
  • Uncle Fucker (2003, cd Usurpers Of The Tradition)
  • Steve Barker (2003, cd 20 Classic Songs)
  • Ruud Hermans (2003, cd Sings The Hits Of Bobby Bare)
  • Bill Durham (2004, cd My Kind Of Music)
  • Brian Gale (2004, cd North To Alaska And Heartaches Along The Way)
  • Anders Halten (2005, cd Trubadur Og Moll, Norwegian singing physiotherapist)
  • Slim Chance & The Survivors (2006, cd The Women There Don't Treat You Mean - Abilene in Song)
  • Wayne Carter (2006, cd Summer 2006 Compilation disc, a compilation by Country Discovery Records)
  • Catclaw Creek (2006, cd Texas Frontier)
  • OJ Hanssen (2006, cd After The Lovin', country from Norway)
  • The Blackbury Band (2007, cd Thirty Years Too Late, US country harmony group)
  • The Texas Plainsmen feat. Yodelin' Donnie Walser (2007, cd Live on the Air, release of 1964-65 radio recordings)
  • Malbaré (2007, cd Chansons magiques rock 'n' twist, another French Marilyn by rock, party and fun band)
  • Elmer Creel (2007, cd She Never Came Home)
  • Nick Fiore, Bud Carney, Patty George and Travis Swackhammer (2007, cd The Golden Oldies Vol. 5)
  • Fred Wolking (2008, cd A Place in the Sun)
  • Carl Wilson (2008, cd Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song, Scottish country singer)
  • Jimmy (2010, cd Illyrian Sun)
  • Rob Foenander (2010, cd Down Country Lane)
  • George Hamilton IV & Darrell McColl (2010, cd In The Heart of Texas)
  • Big B & Snake Oil Saviors (2010, cd Big B and His Snake Oil Saviors, new western swing)
  • True Blue Grass Band (2011, We'll be doing a Barn Dance - Selection Suzy Q)
  • George Longard (2012, itunes mp3, guitar instrumental)
  • Tim Timebomb (2013, daily internet song blog)
  • Woodchucks Revenge (2013, cd Crossing the Otter)
  • Rhinestone Heroes (2014, cd Worlds Best Country Classics)
  • Buddy Jewell (2015, cd My Father's Country)
  • Pat Surface (2015, cd Songwriter V - From The Request Line)
  • Greg Young (2017, cd Abilene in Song, bonus-cd in Joe W Specht's book Abilene in Song)
  • Mike Loudermilk (2017, cd A Tribute to John D Loudermilk, after Bob Gibson's daughter, Lester Brown's daughter, the song was also recorded by John D's son)

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